10 Eco Friendly Gifts For Your 'Low Impact' Loved Ones

10 Eco Friendly Gifts For Your 'Low Impact' Loved Ones

If you’re anything like us, you are in a constant deadlock with the gifting dilemma. You want to send acknowledgment, love, and support, but you also want to avoid ambitious another thing onto the giftee that will just find itself into the garbage weeks or months later.

While the trick of much of our waste and emission reduction can just be consuming less, consuming smarter can positively be a step in the right track. Thinking about the result of gifts long before and after that box opening can make that thought all the more appreciated. With this way, the celebratory moment of gifting can be an opportunity to share some of the good feelings that come with better-for-the-world products.

And so we at Grow collection want to arm you with wonderfully long lasting and eco-friendly gifts that will help you show your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

So here are 10 Eco Friendly Gifts for Your 'Low Impact' Loved Ones.


Grow Collection’s Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Eco-Conscious Giftees & Gifters!

Eco Friendly Gifts under $10:

The Great Gift of Comfort: AllBirds.

Have you heard about Allbirds?

Talking about eco friendly gifts under $10, Allbirds exploded on top of the shoe scene and for good cause. It’s always a clash between my wool runners and my high tops as I head out the door. Really no bad option here, and my feet always in comfort.

Underplayed however, is AllBirds’ management as a sustainable business. A Certified B Corporation, AllBirds goes completely carbon impartial in 2020. Not to mention, their materials have been deliberately and intentionally sourced. Their packaging has been made up with 90% recycled cardboard.

So if you need the perfect pair of socks to complete the gift as well? Check out the full Bombas socks review to learn how you are giving more than just a gift with your purchase!

Go Green: Deco Gold Necklace from Made Trade — (Under $75)

Going for eco friendly gift ideas, Made Trade is an right marketplace that brings amazing artisan work into our homes and our wardrobe. One of our faves? The geometric necklace, handmade in Portland, Oregon from up to 75% recycled gold. You prefer silver? All silver used is either recycled or is from sustainability sources!

Drink Correctly for the Planet: Klean Kanteen Cocktail Set— (under $50)

Of course, Klein Kantian is perhaps best known its line of insulated water bottles; they are in the business of world of single use plastic. And they hit this problem from every direction, including the high brow art of the craft cocktail.

This thing allows any cocktail lover to enjoy their cold or hot drinks without harming the planet.

Leather Slippers—(Under $50)

Another Made Trade purchase! 

These cozy slippers from Chile are handmade by women artisans who are able to work from their homes in the areas of Patagonia, where their families have lived for generation.

They are made from local sheep’s wool and vegetable-tanned salmon leather that is sourced from a wasted by-product of the fishing industry.

With time, they’ll perfectly cast to your feet, making them the coziest natural slippers around for both genders alike. They are made to last and come with a repair kit also, just in case you’re like me.

You’ll surely want to buy a pair of these slippers for yourself too!

Find the perfect website for slippers in all sizes.

Or head over to other Gifts Collection on websites to find all sorts of other eco-friendly gifts and products.

A Good Stone Notebook—(Under $20)

If writing or doodling is a pastime of your loved one, look no further than A Good stone note book.

And like they always say, they do not compromise between quality and sustainability. A good notebook has a clean, nice design, and it’s made from recycled stone making for a individually smooth writing experience.

In addition to the beautiful new notebook (which you can also modify), your giftee will be wowed by the climate positive, and pleasantly soft packaging of it.

Plastic-Free Way to hoard: Stasher Bags ($5 – $40)

Talking about eco friendly gift ideas, I used to shrink when my mom would rinse out plastic bags and maintain them on the sink faucet to dry. For some reason, there was a thing that didn’t sit right with those dirty plastic bags.

Anyways, Stasher will help a friend to not to worry about dirty plastic bags on their sink anymore. They can be a staple for anyone interested in zero waste, sustainable or snacks packery.

And these puppies aren’t just for the storeroom. Yes, they are great for store grains or candies… and as go-to bags in your fridge, but they can also be use for freezer as snack bags, or sandwich bags for lunch sacks.

Full Circle’s Breeze Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector—($25)

It is a gift for enviremental activists. This Full Circle Compost Collector fits perfectly in the fridge or countertop and is intended to reduce odor and prevent a radical kitchen fly occupation. This is an outstanding compost collection solution.

If you’re a Bokashi composter, like us, the top is the perfect way to dense your fermented compostable in the bucket!

Tentree Seed Cards—(5 for $20)

So talking about the 10 Eco Friendly Gifts For Your 'Low Impact' Loved Ones, sometimes a caring card can be the most meaningful part of the gift!

It is reality, that those cards ultimately either end up in the recycling bin or in a bag of our living room closet…and then later into the trash.

Tentree makes these cards from recycled post-consumer paper and the loved one can plant the card after they’ve read your message. It’s a great prompt of your celebration.

So we hope that these 10 Eco Friendly Gifts For Your 'Low Impact' Loved Ones would be much helpful for you.

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