[Fact] 10 Incredible Facts About Halloween

[Fact] 10 Incredible Facts About Halloween

We all know that Halloween is the season of bright costumes, horror houses with Halloween decorations as well as unique foods. However, besides popular customs and traditions, there are a lot of facts about Halloween that definitely surprise you.

The child mortality rate strongly increase on Halloween

The number of children dying on Halloween night due to traffic accidents and missing doubled compared to other nights. The reason is because there are too many children wandering to play candy games and participate in costume parties.

Portents from owl

Besides black cats, owls are popular in Halloween. In the Middle Ages in Europe, owls were close to demons and witches. Every time the call came, it was a sign that someone was about to die. This shocking revelation about Halloween is not well known.

The most successful horror movie about Halloween

When producing Halloween (1978) with a modest budget of $300,000, John Carpenters did not expect that it could bring in 230 times the revenue ($70 million) and become the pioneer in this kind of film.

The film revolves around the character named Michael Meyers – who just escaped from a mental institution after killing his sister as he was 6 years ago. The next day, he wore a white mask and kitchen knife back to the old building. There, he began to track and attempt to kill female student named Laurie Stode.


Samhainophobia is the weird syndrome of people who are afraid of Halloween. Accordingly, these people often stay indoors on this day and absolutely do not go to the place where people wear costumes.

The black cat is the intimate servant of the witch

In ancient times, if someone dressed up as witches during Halloween, they must take an black cat with. Because it is believed that the black cat is the intimate servant of the witch.

The meaning of building a fire

In the ancient Halloween, people often built a fire and play and dance around. They did it with the hope that the Sun would shine bright again after the long cold winter passed and prayed for good luck.

White cats bring bad luck in UK

While the black cat is said to be a intimate servant of witch and a bad omen, it is the complete opposite in UK that white cats bring bad luck while black cats bring good luck.


Trick-or-treat is a custom for children on Halloween. Accordingly, children in Halloween costume will knock on the door of each house to ask for candy. However, the government of Belleville, a city in St. Clair County, Illinois has issued a law banning children under 12 from participating in trick-or-treat since 2012.

Halloween does not originate from Christianity

The name Halloween (short for “All Hallows’s Eve”) has only appeared since 1745 and has a Christian origin. Accordingly, Halloween takes place on the evening of October 31 every year, the day before All Saints (1.11) in commemoration of the dead. However, according to many historians, this celebration actually has a much more ancient origin, namely Celtic – an ancient tribe living in Europe.

The meaning of wearing devil masks

Wearing a devil mask comes from the tradition of Celtic people. Accordingly, people wear devil masks to avoid being identified.

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