10 Free US Business Listing Sites For Better Lead Generation

10 Free US Business Listing Sites For Better Lead Generation

In today’s market competitive world, it is practically impossible to survive without local SEO. Regardless of the size of the business, big or small, new or old, properly implemented local SEO strategies can do wonders for a brand’s visibility.

It plants the seed for a fruitful tree that can rank your website on the top Google search results with the least effort. Moreover, without US business listing sites, it is difficult for small services and businesses to service in the market.

Did you know that over half of the Google searches are done by users looking for local services in their areas? Hence it is important to cite your company in all the free business listing sites list that promote the local searches and bring forth newly established businesses at the front.

You need to take the right steps in the right direction right from the get-go, only then you will be able to rank among the top search results. One way to do this without spending a handsome amount of money is through citing your business in the top US business listing sites.

In fact, the reality is that without registering your company’s name in the top business listing sites list, you will struggle to survive in the market.

To help you get started with your local SEO game, here is a list of the top free US business listing sites where you can cite your company’s details for increased reach and visibility.

The Top 10 Free US Business Listing Sites

Here are the top 10 business listing site lists for you to submit your citations at and watch your leads grow in no time. At least attempt submitting your listing to each and every one of these US business listing sites. (Not in any particular order)


  1.  Yelp


Yelp, without a shred of a doubt, is one of the largest US business listing sites available online. If you have just established your business, then a good way to target your specific audience is to start by citing your business at Yelp.

Yelp is home to thousands of local services including small-scale food businesses, salons, automotive repair businesses, and other day-to-day repair services. Your business can greatly benefit from this listing.


  1.  CitySquares


CitySquares is a unique business listing site on this list. Even though it has been around for 10 years in the market, it allows users to conduct specified searches according to location and the market of interest.


  1.  Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages takes its name inspiration from the traditional yellow pages book that was used in the olden days to find any contact number of a local service. This US directory is home to multiple local businesses in the United States. It gets traffic from over 60 million visitors each month.

One drawback of this site, however, is that the chances of being collected as a viable lead are initially low for small businesses.


  1. HighFive Listings

HighFive Listings

HighFive Listings is a great business listing site on our list; one that promises to bring value to your business and increase sales in no time. You can submit your free listing here and watch your customer graph rise like anything.

This business directory puts you directly in touch with the customers where they can provide instant feedback, give you ratings, and reviews. Besides, over time you can easily upgrade your profile without going through any tedious process. 


  1. Angi


Angi is a special listing on our business listing sites list as it specializes in all home-based web services. If your company has to target people in search of plumbers, electricians, house remodeling experts, etc, then Angi is the business listing site for you.


  1.  USCity


USCity has to be the directory that is the oldest on our business listing sites list. However, the directory has greatly benefited from its years of experience.

The company’s search result list does not appear as a mere list, but its exact location is also identified on the map along with the search results. If your aim is to solely target the local market and audience, then this business listing site is for you. 


  1.  Local.com


Local.com is an ideal platform to list local businesses that are credible and licensed. Even though the site search results are not well-organized, but users who frequently visit the business listing site are used to its layout.


  1.  FaveBiz


FaveBiz is another business directory on our business listing sites list that shows the location of the company on the map along with the search result list. Give this one a try and get viable leads every day.


  1.  Kompass


One main perk of listing your site on Kompass is that this business listing site does not focus just on the US clients but caters to services at a global level. This business listing site also cites enterprise businesses.

In case your company falls into the enterprise category, you are better off listing your company at Kompass.


  1.  Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is a great business listing directory for local businesses and merchants. This business directory even caters to one-man entities and businesses. So, let’s say you have a home-based food business, it is ideal for you to cite it there to get a viable lead generation.

We guarantee that if you list your company on these top 10 US business listing sites, you can watch your business grow in no time.



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