10 Tips On Getting A Job After Graduation

10 Tips On Getting A Job After Graduation

Get a decent job

Getting a job after graduation can be difficult, especially now when the rate of unemployment is high due to the global pandemic. Many students want to be on their own and not depend on their parents’ financial support anymore. But even though getting a decent job after college seems impossible, it isn’t. Here are some tips that can help you find a job.


1. Get to Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself is a crucial step you need to go through. This is because the more you know yourself, your values, and your skills, the easier it will be to look for a job and apply to it. A dissertation writer will usually says that knowing yourself comes together with other benefits as well. It will be the value you add to your resume.


2. Craft a Resume

To apply to a good job, you need to have nice a resume. At first, it might seem difficult and challenging to write. But you can find many resume examples on the internet and get some inspiration. You need to highlight some sections as well. Present your voluntary and job experience, if you have had any before. List your skills and offer some details about your education. Make it personal and include a few of your hobbies.


3. Search for Graduate Vacancies

While in some industries it might be difficult to enter without any experience, others welcome graduates with open arms. They do not ask for the experience you had no time to gain. Instead, they are looking for graduates that are willing to learn and improve their skills. Search for graduate vacancies and see if there are any that fit. Chances are you will find some options that will satisfy you.


4. Assess Your Skills

Another important tip you need to practice is to assess your skills. If you are applying to different industries and jobs, it would be useful to research them and see what they are looking for. But before this, you should know your skills. Are you able to be part of a team and collaborate? Then it means that you have teamwork skills. Can you communicate easily, both verbally and written? Note down communication skills. There are many skills you have developed during your uni years, some of which you may not have even been aware of.


5. Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is already known as the biggest recruitment platform out there. The best thing is that it is built similar to a social platform, with some added features so that it will allow job search and application. All companies are on LinkedIn, and all of them are advertising their jobs there. You can find many jobs that suit you. But the greatest advantage is that recruiters can find you if you have the skills they are looking for. So, you can even get job proposals.


6. Networking

If you are aware of your skills, then another thing that will help you is networking. Meeting new people and socializing with them helps you advertise yourself. It may not be at this moment that they need someone with your skillset. But when they need someone, they will call you. This is one of the advantages of networking, where you form professional bonds with the people you meet.


7. Build Your Brand Awareness

If you are among the graduates that want to be freelancers or have a more flexible working style, then you need to build your brand awareness. Getting a job after college might be complicated, but things are not always as they seem. This is especially valid for students who are more active in the creative domain. Maybe you like photography, graphic design, or creative writing. Build your brand awareness through an online portfolio and website, and show that you have the skills many companies and businesses are looking for.


8. Consider Voluntary Positions

Many people will be reluctant to hire you if you do not have any experience. But once again, few of them are open to giving you the opportunity to gain that experience. Well, to break this never-ending cycle, you could consider a voluntary position. They can offer you a ticket for more opportunities, so if your parents can support you financially a few months more, consider voluntary positions.


9. Find a Mentor

Sometimes, you may feel you are alone in this quest of finding a job as a student. You may feel lost and confused in front of this huge universe of jobs. Well, you can find a mentor that helps you navigate these beginning stormy waters. It can help you work on your goals, improve yourself, and find a job you love. But on top of this, it will help you overcome difficult moments.


10. The School Career Service Office

There is a need for career counselors in the educational system. Many students do not know what career to choose and they end up getting jobs they hate. Well, to avoid that, you can talk with a career counselor from the school career service office. They can guide you towards learning more about yourself, your skills, and finding a job that suits you.



Getting a decent job after college is something all students want. Even though this might seem challenging, these ten tips will help you succeed in your quest. Make sure you follow and apply them, discover more about your inner power, and craft an impressive resume. Say yes to opportunities that help you improve and develop your skills, find a mentor, and socialize.



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