10 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Shopify For Ecommerce

10 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Shopify For Ecommerce

If you have any kind of online retail business and haven’t been living under a rock, you know about Shopify. It is today, one of the most reliable e-commerce platforms in the world. There are certain features on the platform that make it best suited for e-commerce. So why Shopify for e-commerce is such a revolution?

For starters, it makes it easy for the common retailer to get online and start selling through e-commerce. Shopify is today a true powerhouse when it comes to customizing online shops and stores for products. You also have social media support to get the best out of your retail business. Here are some reasons that should persuade you to get Shopify for eCommerce this year:

1: The Ease-of-Use Factor on Shopify for Ecommerce

For an article that you read on Shopify, the sure thing to feature is the ease of use on the platform. This is of course for a reason. Shopify for e-commerce has provided a next to the basic platform when it comes to ease of use. Professional online support is always there if and when needed too.

In fact, Shopify in its entirety is built for non-technical personal. Simply, choose a professionally designed attractive, and responsive template and edit it here and there to finish. Not much design will be required at all. And that is pretty much it. Maintaining Shopify stores is very easy as well.

2: Shopify for Ecommerce Is Faster Than a Speeding Train

Jokes aside, Shopify is literally one of the fastest platforms out there. All these templates and stores get optimized for speedy delivery. The reliable company-owned and maintained servers guarantee high-speed delivery. Also, everything gets stored in the cloud making things even faster.

Shopify e-commerce stores are super fast and very responsive. If we know anything about slow sites is that they get a lot of bounce rates. Sites lose 1% revenue for every 100ms. Imagine that. Faster Shopify stores lead to great business opportunities.

3: Safety and Reliability Features

Ever visited an eCommerce store on a Cyber Monday sale day? Many of them crash because of too much traffic and most slow up. Most that are not on Shopify for eCommerce at least. There is so much on the internet about customer’s credit cards being hacked as well.

With Shopify’s reliable technical support at work, you can have peace of mind none of this will happen. Also, when you get store development from Shopify experts in UK, surely, they will optimize for the most reliability. Security and reliability are top-notch on this amazing e-commerce platform indeed.

4: Automatic Mobile Friendly Designs on Shopify for Ecommerce

Shopify store development is one of the easiest operations across all e-commerce platforms. with about half of all online sales attributing to mobile devices, mobile store optimization is very important. Mobile friendly stores tend to sell more products.

Shopify for e-commerce has protocols that make displaying information very attractive on desktop and mobile. You don’t separately have to setup mobile pages for design and styles. Automatic optimization happens with selected themes and templates making everything look nice and accessible.

5: Integration with Social Media Through Shopify for Ecommerce

Another solid reason why Shopify has become what it is today is its social media integration. You can integrate Facebook pixel into every page of your store on Shopify. Products can be easily uploaded to Facebook product catalogs where they can remain synced as well.

With Shopify, store owners can also now offer checkouts right from social media channels without having users land on websites. Shopify-generated discount codes can be offered on Facebook where they can be claimed through ads too. You can also track where and how people get these codes as well.

6: Very Problem-Solving and Easy Customer Support Through Shopify

When looking to provide great customer support for your store, Shopify offers just what is needed. Zendesk Support is one of many apps that integrate information from your customer database with a ticketing interface. This all-in-one tool for your customer support agents allows them to access and resolve issues quickly.

Live chat option with customers is also available through supported apps on Shopify for e-commerce. There are possibilities even right on Messenger from Facebook. FAQ management apps, contact forms and returns handling apps, and also exchanges are all available here.

7: Apps on Shopify for Ecommerce – Abundance of Them

Shopify is very customizable. Part of its flexibility comes from its own app store that offers something for every need. Developers from all around the world create and offer tools in the shape of apps. This can be easily understood as an app store for any smartphone with exclusivity for your Shopify store.

There are in excess of 4200 apps already on the platform. Any feature you need can be added via these apps. Specialized analytics tools, shipping label generation and accounting software integrating tools are all available. Loyalty programs and wish lists for the customer side of things are available as well. Great!

8: Built-In SEO Tools

People will only buy what they can see and find. This is why SEO experts in UK make so much money. What if your e-commerce platform gave you much of this SEO built-in. This is what you get with Shopify for eCommerce exactly. SEO tools here ensure full advantage of placing your store at top search rankings.

Title tags, adding and editing keywords, URLs, meta descriptions, alt text for products, pages on the store, and blog posts. These are just a few to name from an SEO perspective. Stores will have content follow hierarchy as well. The use of standard characters in URLs is also available.

All that and also Shopify’s analytics tools will enable you to see exactly what people and where from are coming to your store. You can also get easy resources to learn how to improve your store’s SEO score for better results as well.

9: Abandoned Cart Recovery on Shopify

Looking for yet more Shopify for e-commerce features? Abandoned cart recovery can be that difference-maker. Somewhere in the range of 60-70% of people abandon their carts without buying online. What if you could send them reminders about their favorite products? You can do that on Shopify.

The platform can now track abandoned carts and automatically send reminders to people about them. Even the emails that will be sent are totally customizable. Picked up abandoned cart numbers are actually great and are opportunities to sell more via the platform.

10: Payments Made Easy

Just about any kind of payment system can be integrated with Shopify. BitPay, PayPal, Bank Accounts, and much more in addition to Shopify’s own payment system are the options. Integrate these payment modules to make it easy for your customers to pay quickly.

Transaction fees can be bypassed when your customers use Shopify’s payment system. Reduced credit card fees also apply to their own payment method. This makes the deal sweater expanding your profit margins quite considerably in the long run for larger stores.

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