2019 Black Friday: The Hottest Sale Event Ever

2019 Black Friday: The Hottest Sale Event Ever

The 2019 Black Friday is taking place right now and makes the winter hotter than ever. A considerable number of large brands like Adidas and Calvin Klein have released shocking sale products up to 70%. Let’s take a look at some indicators of the heat of this year’s explosive event.

Spending Predictions & Numbers

There are no tracking sources for specific expenditure on Black Friday. However, based on online spending, specialists forecast 2019 Black Friday would be the largest ever.

Black Friday revenue, combined with Black Friday spending and Thanksgiving, is expected to surpass $12 billion online this year. That assumption is based on the growth we’ve seen since 2016 according to Adobe Analytics data. If the growth of online spending on 2019 Black Friday is simply the same as last year, we would see a figure of more than 12 billion dollars.

Adobe Analytics on 2019 Black Friday
Source: Adobe Analytics 20182017 và 2016 Data

There is ample evidence that Black Friday will surpass itself this year from Google’s trending search data. The search volume for Black Friday deals has continued to grow every year, reaching a new peak on Black Friday 2018:

2019 Black Friday Searching trend
Searching Trend of Black Friday Deals over 5 years

Walmart is the Black Friday Sales King, but Amazon will Win the Online Sales Battle

Walmart on 2019 Black Friday

When it comes to retailer’s search for Black Friday 2019 promotions, Walmart won in 2018 with a long shot in that year in terms of Google’s online searches.

Walmart and Amazon 2019 Black Friday
Google Trend

Interest in online-specific retailers began to rise in early November when advertising fell and peaked just a day before Black Friday.

Amazon’s 2019 Black Friday, probably due to the fact that they didn’t publish ads and announced their promotions quite late via press releases, doesn’t dominate search interest in the Black Friday approach. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean much. Over the past two years, Amazon accounted for more than half of online transactions on Black Friday, according to Hitwise data, compared to 12% of Walmart all online ones last year.

Therefore, Walmart is estimated once again to dominate with incentives given to consumers. But most users will buy on Amazon even without a deal.

Many Stores will Continue to Open on Thanksgiving Day

For about a decade, vast large retailers have opened for Thanksgiving. Despite the backlash, the trend persisted. More than 165 million shoppers had joined Black Friday 2018, according to the National Retail Federation.

The shops are very consistent with Thanksgiving opening times, and these predictions are based on opening times since 2016.

For example, GameStop was closed for Thanksgiving 2016, but reopened in 2017 and 2018. It is said to continue to welcome customers at Thanksgiving, due to pressure from Amazon and strong interest in game deals.

Price of Smart Home Technology products will reach low level on 2019 Black Friday

On this most recent Prime Day in July, consumers saw historic low levels on Amazon’s exclusive Echo devices. The smart Echo speaker first dropped below $50 and the Echo Dot to $ 22. The Fire TV Stick basic reduced to $ 14.99 and the 4K version to $ 24.99. Meanwhile, the Doorbell has dropped to only $69, which is $30 less than that on last year’s Black Friday.

Because Amazon has a Prime Day model, people hope to see similar or lower prices by Thanksgiving weekend.

In addition, Amazon has released a series of new devices right on the occasion of the 2019 Black Friday, including the smallest smart speaker, Echo Flex, which will undoubtedly have an unbeatable price.

Regarding Google, their device price on Prime Day in July is similar to that on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018. That made the cost of devices like Google Home and Google Home Mini higher than Amazon.

Therefore, in order to compete with Amazon, Google is predicted that they will sharply reduce the price of smart home devices for 2019 Black Friday.


In short, 2019 Black Friday is expected to beat the sales it achieved last year, and the figures in the heart of the sales storm have proven that prediction highly probable. There are thousands of 2019 best Black Friday deals waiting for you to explore. Let’s check it out!

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