2Fdeal Reviews: Absolut Gorgeous

2Fdeal Reviews: Absolut Gorgeous

About 2Fdeal

Founded in 2016, 2Fdeal is a reliable legit brand mainly for e-cigarette products Located in China. They are integrated seamlessly with the ecig manufacturing center and running both German warehouse and China warehouse.

2Fdeal means To Friend Deal. Their main target is to establish themself as a high quality, reliable, vaping products supplier all over the world. They work hard to offer lower price and higher quality, faster transport, better service. 

They treat each customer with great care, and each order with precision, in order to build lasting relationships with each client they earn. At 2Fdeal.com, each individual strives to offer an elevated and personalized level of customer service and satisfaction that far exceeds industry standards.

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Steamcrave Aromamizer Supreme Lite

Measurements (without drip tipand 510) 23*39mm

Capacity 3.5 ml with thestraight glass, 4.5 ml with the bubble glass

Build deck pretty standardpostless build deck

Airflow pretty standardtwo-sided airflow; ranging from really open to loose MTL

Something noteworthy about thepackage goodie bag? additional straight glass, two 510 drip tips: one hasstandard bore, the other has an MTL bore

Customer reviews

Published by Rifky Iman S

This is the most greatest freeshipping web I ever use.

1. They have semi human robotic(I dont know when Jieyan Qiu sleep lol) which always respond every yourcomplaint.

2. The admin whose respondyour complain are have authority to decide action immediately without waiting

3. Their very responsive aboutcostumers complain. (Once time they sent me a wrong item and compensateimmediately next day from I complained.

4. Their product are very upto date, I always see a new product are showing here first.

5. I dont know how but theypackage are the most fastest free shipping to my country. Usualy its take 2-3weeks to item arrival from other source. But their item always maks 7 days arearrived.

Great Job 🙂

Published by Ryan Gifford

I have made 3 orders thus far.I did have an issue with one but they were quick to find a resolution to theissue and made things right. They have a great selection of products and goodprices. And they offer some of the best and most responsive customer service Ihave had through my online vape shopping. I would highly recommend them toanyone.

Published by Kalli Knoetze

I have ordered three times at2fdeal so far without any problems. I only can recommend this shop: both thegerman warehouse and the chinese warehouse. On my forth order they sent me onewrong item, but Doris from support-team answered very fast and could solve my problem.

Published by Stefan Riedl

I think that 2fdeal is the best site from all China shops. The prices are absolut gorgeous und the support with Doris is the best I ever had. Thanks a lot for all. Best wishes from Bavaria

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