What Is A 3 Ply Melt Blown Mask?

What Is A 3 Ply Melt Blown Mask?

Abiding by the government protocols ensuring protection against the contraction of the coronavirus, businesses are rapidly investing in 3-ply face masks for the safety of their employees. One of the most effective varieties of the aforementioned category of masks, are those containing a Melt Blown filter for better protection.

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for authentic wholesalers from whom they can purchase high-quality 3 ply face masks that come with a Melt Blown filter. Among the numerous options available, UrPrinters.com has emerged as a pioneering online wholesaler of safety and hygiene products, especially masks.

Melt Blown Mask

About the Masks

Prior to ordering, it is imperative to attain a basic understanding of 3-ply Melt Blown masks, and what differentiates them from the other variants. Designed to offer protection while breathing, the 3 Ply Melt Blown masks safeguard the wearer against potential contaminants of the virus such as aerosols and infected droplets. Additionally, they also serve as a protective layer against dust particles and pollutants.

Consisting of three main layers, the outermost and innermost layers are made from high-quality spun bound material, that usually comes with 25 GSM. The outermost layer is hydrophobic in nature, thus making it water-resistant. The second layer is the main layer of filtration and is made from a melt-down or spun-bond material, thus preventing the influx of microbes. Finally, the innermost layer is hydrophilic, making it absorbent of any droplets coming out of the mouth of the wearer.

3-Ply Melt Blown face masks are single-use and should be disposed of carefully. There is a plethora of wholesalers who supply these masks in bulk in India. UrPrinters.com is a reliable online portal if you are scouting to bulk order surgical masks. They supply certified surgical masks in bulk at an affordable rate.

Features of 3-Ply Melt Blown Masks

As mentioned previously, 3-Ply Melt Blown Masks are made of spun bound material with 25 GSM. The central layer of filtration is made from melt bound material with 20 GSM, thus ensuring maximum security. Moreover, these masks are light weighted and biodegradable. This is an important parameter for consideration, given the fact that most 3-Ply Melt Blown Face Masks are single-use, and should be disposed of immediately.

Why Should Businesses Go for Wholesale Options?

Cost Efficiency

Face masks have become an essential commodity of daily utility. Despite this, most face masks cost tremendously high, thus burning a major hole in the pockets of the consumer. A good way to avoid these extra expenses would be to order the desired face masks in bulk.


Face masks need to washed with critical care so that not even a trinket of germs remains. However, consumers are saved from this tedious task as they can simply dispose of the 3 Ply Face Masks after use.

Where to Buy?

A trustworthy website that promises to provide the best safety products during these times of crisis is UrPrinters.com. They offer a diverse range of safety and hygiene products at affordable rates. One among their bestsellers are the disposable face masks that are available in bulk on the website.

3-Ply Melt Blown Face Masks are available in different bulk packs and businesses can purchase the one that is best suited for their use.

Important Role of Mask during Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 pandemic progressed, there was a debate regarding the use of masks by individuals in the community. Previously, WHO also had some inconsistencies with regard to guidance on this issue (January 2020). WHO has not recommended the use of masks in healthy people in the community as a preventive measure for SARS-CoV-2 infection in guidelines dated 6/4/2020.

The UK Department of Public Health (PHE) also makes a similar recommendation. In contrast, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially recommended the use of cloth masks in public and many other countries such as Canada, South Korea and the Czech Republic have asked for their people must wear masks in public. There has been a review of the evidence in support of mass masking during this pandemic. And now, WHO and UK Ministry of Public Health are reviewing this issue.

A person wears a mask usually to protect themselves, but at the same time an important effect on public health is to protect others from breathing in their own respiratory drops. This is also an important way of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus because it has spread since an infected person has no symptoms. WHO and PHE have so far not recommended mass masks because they believe that there is no evidence that this method prevents respiratory viral infections including SARS-CoV-2.

Previous studies on the use of masks in non-medical settings have mainly focused on the protection of the carrier and is related to the flu. These studies are not designed to evaluate the effectiveness of mass masking in the entire community. There are also no studies to evaluate the degree of compliance with the mass masking compared to its effectiveness.

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