[Simple] 3 Advice To Avoid “Trick” On Black Friday

[Simple] 3 Advice To Avoid “Trick” On Black Friday

The biggest discount of the year – Black Friday will be a perfect shopping experience if you know exactly between real promotions and trick on Black Friday. To do that,

Here are 3 simple tips for you to avoid “fake” promotions on the upcoming Black Friday 2019.

How do retailers use “Trick” on Black Friday?

Black Friday shopping atmosphere

This is the way that stores offer attractive promotional discounts but not real or exaggerated to attract customers.

It is usually applied at retail stores or online shops. In all the discount tactics, virtual promotion is the most popular. A few days before the sale, the store will increase the prices of all products. After that, on the promotional date, they will slash that price and write a lower price to show their discount.

Another way is that they will apply great discounts on outdated items or no longer popular or the inventory.

Therefore, you need to be a smart consumer in the tendency of huge discount of all brands, especially small stores. In order to do this, you should learn to compare the price of this product on the market or with the price of another store.

If you find that the product prices when they has not been discounted are the same as the market price, the discount will be real. And if the price of the product before dropping suddenly increases, the promotion is a “trick” of the store, you should not to buy products at that store anymore.

Advice to avoid “Trick” on Black Friday

Retailer use Trick on Black Friday deals
Be careful with the discounted prices

As mentioned above, in order to know whether the promotion is real or not, you need to compare the price of that store with other stores. You should take the time to check on some price comparison websites to see if you really benefit from.

Choose the method of payment after buying online

It is very common to meet wrong products that is not the same as the sample in shopping online. Therefore, it is better to check the order carefully before payment.

Survey the prestige of the store you intend to buy at

You can check out the store’s reputation by looking at the reviews of past buyers. Or you can also join the group to share your buying experience on facebook and ask the large buyer community to advise you on the product as well as refer to the reasonable price for that product.

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