3d Modeling And Character Animation

3d Modeling And Character Animation

The heart of any animation is its characters. With the help of them, animators tell stories that become legends. But in order for animators to have something to work with, 3D character artists create attractive and technically suitable characters for animation.

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3D modeling is in demand in the development of architectural objects by animation 3d studio, in the gaming and advertising fields, in the creation of corporate films, etc. The studio's specialists have a high level of knowledge of the specifics of 3D modeling, which allows us to implement not only simple, but also the most complex orders. We have at our disposal modern computer technologies that expand the capabilities of the customer. One of the most popular areas is the creation of 3D interiors: for offices, cottages, retail premises, cafes and restaurants. Thanks to this, you can see the future object from the inside in advance and make the necessary adjustments.

3D modeling by animation studios allows you to see how this or that furniture will look in the interior of a particular room, how the finished parts will look. 3D is also an excellent sales method when there is no way to visualize a product or when it is still being developed. We are talking not only about exhibitions, but also about numerous presentations (for example, for investors). 3D modeling does an excellent job with visualizing the movements of objects and people, and is also used to represent logos, in the work of Internet sites, in the design of nightclubs, festivals, etc.

Story and look development

It is always worth starting with the answer to this question for what the character is created. Because the characteristics and appearance of the character depend on the goals. Think about this:

  • what is the character for;
  • what tasks he must solve;
  • how many times, where and how it will be used;
  • will the character be depicted in the same pose or will they change;
  • whether the illustration needs to be animated.

The answers to these questions will help you navigate and understand whether you need to work out the character in detail or whether basic poses and a minimum amount of details are enough.

For example, if you need a static character for a website, logo or brochure, then you can not depict him in motion, not think over facial expressions and expression of emotions. And if the character will be animated by an animation studio for video, then the poses and movements need to be developed much more carefully. A character for a comic book will also require detailed elaboration in dynamics, and for a video game - also details of a costume.

3d modeling and texturing

After the first sketches have appeared, the character of the hero from 3d animation production company Kevurugames already begins to manifest. Sometimes this happens before, but at this stage you already know your character quite well and understand what he will be like. If not yet, then it's time to figure it out.

Character by animators for hire is always reflected in appearance. For example, you want to show that your character is very smart and erudite, so you draw glasses and a book for him in your hands. Or you need to emphasize his frivolity and airiness, then you add a wide ridiculous smile to him.

3d character detailing

This item is an addition to the previous two. It is needed if, after working out the appearance and character, new details appear that you want to add to the image.

Any character should have their own characteristics. Something that makes him different from the rest. This can be any detail: for example, he is unusually dressed, moves atypically, or he has a very original hairstyle. Or the character is emphatically disproportionate: the head is much larger than the body, and the legs are so skinny that it is not clear how they can support the weight of his body. The animation agency would carry out any task.


Rigging is used in order to enable 3D models, giving them possibility to move. A 3D model is rather static one, but after rigging it's possible to adjust the body and give it the motion.

Character animation

Almost every character goes through these stages before becoming the way we see him in a movie, on a website or in an advertisement. Sometimes ideas are born on their own, and characters just appear in the imagination, already almost ready, and all that remains is to work out the details. But not always and not everyone is so lucky, so it's good to have a rough plan that you can focus on.

It is no coincidence that we used the words "draw", "sketch", "draw a spread" in the description of most of the stages. For an illustrator and designer, no matter what technique and style he works, it is important to be able to draw in order to show his ideas graphically.

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