4 Natural Foods For Lung Health

4 Natural Foods For Lung Health

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It's always better to prevent diseases than to treat them. Help your lungs help themselves with these four naturally occuring foods for lung health. This year, we've all watched as a virus that attacks the lungs sweeps across the world. This is in addition to the respiratory problems that have always been around, like asthma or exposure to cigarette smoke.

One thing is for sure: It's never been so important to maintain healthy lungs as it is right now. Did you know there are some natural foods for lung health you can easily add to your diet? Keep reading for four lung-healthy foods to snag on your next trip to the grocery store.

1. Beets

The same compound that gives beets their unmistakable color is also great for optimizing lung function. These nitrates serve to enhance oxygen uptake, relax blood vessels, and lower your blood pressure. Beets can also improve symptoms in people with pulmonary hypertension and COPD.

If you're not a fan of beets, you can get the same benefits in a beetroot supplement. And if you take any prescription medications to help with asthma or other lung conditions, you can look for coupons to help you save money.

2. Walnuts

As if there aren't enough reasons to eat more nuts, here's one more. Walnuts are a terrific natural source of magnesium, a vital electrolyte that supports healthy muscle function in the lungs.

The same Omega-3s that are great for heart health are also beneficial for your lung health. Because they contain anti-inflammatory properties, they help to combat any irritation in your lungs so you can breathe easier. There's even research that suggests Omega-3s can ward off bacterial lung infections.

3. Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away — and it's also one of the best foods for lung health. Apples are high in antioxidants, which are associated with a lower risk of developing lung cancer or asthma. Studies show that ex-smokers who eat at least five apples a week show a slower decline in lung function. There's also less risk of developing COPD or other chronic lung conditions.

4. Peppers

To up your intake of Vitamin C, you'll need more than a cup of orange juice in the morning. Adding just one red bell pepper to your diet delivers 169% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that wards off inflammation and disease in the lungs. Smokers who consume extra Vitamin C show better lung function than those with lower intake.

If you can handle the heat, up the ante by adding more spicy chili peppers to your diet. Not only will it (quite literally) clear your sinuses, but the additional capsaicin is linked to lower deaths from respiratory disease.

Add These Foods for Lung Health to Your Daily Diet

What's the easiest way to battle environmental toxins and other threats to your lungs? Do your lungs and the rest of your body a favor by stocking up on these lung-friendly foods. You'll breathe easier (pun intended) knowing you're being proactive in taking care of these vital organs!

Now that you know the best foods for lung health, what's next? Keep browsing our site for more terrific advice and life hacks.

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