[Update] 4 Tips For A Perfect Pillow

[Update] 4 Tips For A Perfect Pillow

There is a fact that sleeping posture will decide how good your sleep is. And the main factor affects the posture is your very pillow.

Many studies prove that choosing the unsuitable pillow will lead to the risk of headaches, neck and shoulders related problems and many other negative effects. Therefore, spending more time choosing a pillow is the right decision you should make.

However, not everyone know how to choose a pillow to sleep well after a stressful working day. Here are 5 tips to help you get the best pillow for relaxing and avoiding side impacts.

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Choose a pillow fitting your mattress

If the mattress is soft, you should choose thinner and lower pillows to keep the body and the head in balance. For a firm mattress, choose a slightly thicker sleeping pillow, because a firm mattress can hold your body in position. Therefore, when choosing a thick pillow, your head will be supported to create a comfortable sleep. In addition, in order to avoid the case of not knowing how to choose the best pillow, right at the time of buying mattress, you should select the one with a medium hardness.

Pillow size and material

Your way of choosing a pillow depends on whether you want your gut pillow to be tall or short, thin or thick. There are many types of gut pillows for you to choose, you can choose from natural to artificial cotton, or natural fibers, artificial fibers. The size of the most appropriate and popular pillow is about 51 x 66 cm. However, the shape of the pillow is very flexible, mainly depending on the color of the room decoration, form of mattress as well as personal preferences

Pillow color

For some families, pillows are not only used as decoration but also a highlight for the whole room. So choosing a pillow is the common concern of many people. Because the softness of the pillow will lessen the dryness of the bed. When choosing a pillow you should pay attention to the color so that it can match with the bed sheet, blanket, curtains … in order to create harmony and show your taste.

You can choose neutral colors such as light yellow, blue, light pink … to stimulate sleepiness. Or you can change the pillow color basing on the season, in the summer choose a light, soft color to create a cool, comfortable feeling. And in winter, choose a warm, deep color to feel warm.

Reasonable price

Each pillow will have a different price depending on its material

Latex pillows

Latex pillows are made of latex, so they are elastic and quite supple. People with allergies should choose this type because it is effective in avoiding mold. In addition, the pillow can also be helpful in shaping your head and neck. However, one thing noted that natural latex pillows will be hotter than young rubber ones. For people with low finance, this type of pillow is relatively expensive.

Wool pillows or cotton pillows

Wool pillows or cotton pillows are the perfect choice for people with severe allergies. But if you have the habit of lying on their backs, this type of pillow will not be suitable because they are relatively hard.

Foam pillows and feather pillows

The inner pillows have goose or duck feathers, ensuring the smoothness and the lifespan of about 10 years. Because it is made of natural materials, it is not difficult to understand why the pillow is so elastic and breathable. For drawback, foam pillows are lightweight, soft but the lower layer is stiff and feather pillows will sometimes make people uncomfortable because the feather pokes out the pillowcase, besides, their price is relatively affordable. If you have asthma or allergies, you should’t use these two kinds of pillow.

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After all, that above advice can be hopefully helpful for you in choosing a perfect pillow and having the high quality sleep.

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