5 Best Apps For Reading Quran Online

5 Best Apps For Reading Quran Online

Reading apps for Quran

Praying is an important pillar of our religious activities. It gives peace of mind and helps us thank God for His blessings.

For Muslims, it is not easy to carry the Holy Book everywhere,  especially when they travel. The facility of Quran reading apps has made it possible to read Quran anywhere, anytime. Whether you are going on vacation or coming back from work, you can open the app and read the Holy Book.

In your Google Play Store or iPhone App Store, a plethora of Quran apps are available for free download, but choosing the right one for you is difficult. This content is divided into two main sections; the first part would discuss how using these Quran reading online apps are beneficial, and the second section would let the readers know about the five most popular apps for reading the Quran.

How Are Quran Apps Useful?

People currently are living busy lives. They are so busy working and moving from place to place that they don't have enough time to recite Quran even if they want to. But thanks to technology, which introduced the reading Quran online apps, that allows the Muslims to connect with God and read the Holy book with convenience. These Quran reading apps are available for both Android and iPhone.

Let's take a look at some of the best apps for reading the Quran.

5 Best Apps For Reading Quran Online:

There are a lot of options when it comes to Quran apps, but the selection process can be confusing. We have listed the five best apps for reading Quran online.  Let us explore these by one:

  1. Al-Quran:

Rating: 4.8/ Users: 340,053/ Availability: Both on Android And iOS

This Quran reading app is one of the most favorite apps among the Muslim community.  It is a unique Quran reciting app that is built with these amazing features.


  • It gives the options of reading and listening both. A person cannot only read but also listen to Surahs and Ajzaa anywhere anytime they want.
  • The app also gives the option of English translation.
  • The user can set alarms when they want to read the Quran; it is also featured with a night mode. This feature enables you to read the Quran at night time.

How To Use the App?

When you open the app, it asks you to select the method in which you would like to read the Holy Quran. The user selects Scrolling, Paging, or AL-Quran TV.  However, the user has to download the audio before, to watch, and listen to AL-Quran TV; after that, it can be used anywhere in offline mode too.  The audio can be downloaded from the settings menu.

  1. Quran Majeed:

Ratings:4.7/Users:313,309/Availability: Android And iOS

Second on the list, Quran Majeed is another best Islamic app for reading and memorizing the Holy Quran.


  • The app has all the Quranic Surahs and Juz with the proper  Islamic fonts.
  • The app has a built-in Qiblah compass for getting the right direction of Qiblah.
  • It rings an alarm at the Prayer times. The app uses the location of the user and sets the prayer timings according to that specific location.
  • It also gives an option of listening to the Quran. The user can select from the list of reciters.
  • The app is featured with a list of languages for translation to choose from.


  1. Holy Quran:

Ratings: 4.8/Users: 5,000,000 /Availability: Android And iOS

This Islamic app for reading the Quran is unique in so many ways. It is also one of the most downloaded Quran reading apps among the followers of Islam.


  • The interface of the app  is divided into five sections- Para index, Surah index,
  • In PARA Index and SURAH Index,  the user can recite the HOLY Quran.
  • The pages of this app are made just like the Holy Book.  One of the most outstanding features is that the user can resume back from where he left.
  • The app gives the facility to acquire information about some of the symbols that are used in the Quran.
  1. Muslim & Quran Pro:

Ratings:4.8/ Users:1000,000/ Availability/ Android Only

Muslim and Quran Pro is an omnibus Islamic app that provides prayer timings, Qibla directions, hadith collection, and recitations of the Holy Quran. Muslims can access the complete scripture through a button easily.

Users have the option to listen to the Quran in the voice of popular reciters from around the world or access the online book to read it themselves. Till now, it is one of the most downloaded Quran reading apps on the Google Play store, as it provides the Quran with audio/mp3 form in the MP3 Quran App.


  • This app is designed in 15 languages. This allows the user to select the language he is comfortable with.
  • There is a list of reciters of the Quran. Choose your favorite one.
  1. Quran With Urdu Translation:

Ratings: 4.7/ Users: 1,000,000/ Availability: Android And iOS

This Quran reading app is the most favorite among Urdu-speaking Muslims.


  • The app is designed in a green color theme, which relaxes the nerves of the reader.
  • It allows the user to read and learn the Quran verse by verse in the Urdu language.
  • This app not only translates into Urdu language but also you can listen to this holy Quran in Urdu audio
  • Besides Urdu, the user can also listen to the Quran in other languages include English, Chinese, French, Italian, and Dutch.
  • It comes with a search bar.  The search bar is used to search any surah of the Quran.
  • Just like many other Islamic apps, like Muslim Pro, the Quran with Urdu Translation also tells you about the prayer timings according to your location.
  • It is also built with a book feature. The bookmark feature allows the user to resume from where he left.

Final Thoughts!

Life is busy today, but this does not mean we shall forget about our religion and prayers. Reading and learning our Holy Book is one of the religious and spiritual obligations. With the above-mentioned Quran reading apps, now it is easy to read the Holy Book anywhere, any time.


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