[Travel] 5 Best Countries For Travel On Christmas

[Travel] 5 Best Countries For Travel On Christmas

December is the month of the holiday and festival in Western countries. Probably, your family has planned to travel on the upcoming Christmas but not know what the best countries for travel. It is certain that it is not always easy. Therefore, this post will answer to December’s question that “what is the best country for travel on Christmas“. Express visa vietnam - The Fastest Vietnam visa provider in Hanoi, Vietnam. Provide Express visa Vietnam, Expedited Vietnam Visa on Arrival only in 15 minutes. Professional service and 100% visa success.

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Asia – Japan

Christmas in Japan

Which Asian country should we travel in December? The first suggestion you should consider is Japan. The land of Sakura in December is covered with in white of snow. Traveling on Christmas season, you will admire the natural beauty of winter in Japan.

In addition, December is also the time Christmas in Japan takes place bustling. Night festivals such as Chichibu, Kasuga Wakamiya, Winter Light Festival, Bonenkai will be held this month. Also, don’t forget to go to Hokkaido for skiing!

Which Asian country should you travel in December? Don’t think too much, Japan is a great choice!

Europe – Germany

the Christmas Markets in Germany-best countries for travel on Christmas

Another suggestion for those who are confused about Christmas travel is Germany. Because, this is one of the greatest countries for travel in the last month of the year. Arriving in the capital – Berlin, you will immediately feel the Christmas atmosphere.

Berlin in December hosts about 60 Christmas zones. You can enjoy shopping the night of December 24th. On this day, like many countries in the world, stores in Germany will offer a lot of Christmas deals and discounts to support customers in shopping.

Additionally, the whole city full of joy and good wishes. You will feel a more joyful life when visiting to Germany on this occasion.

Europe – Spain

Christmas in Spain - best countries for travel on Christmas

Not all European countries are in white snow at the end of the year. If you are afraid of the cold, Spain will be the greatest choice. You can still walk in the warm sun as usual. Obviously, explore even Gothic, Roman architecture.

Recommended destinations are Granada, Barcelona and Seville. These are famous cities and have many of the most beautiful sights in Spain.

America – New York

Christmas in New York - best countries for travel on Christmas

If you are not satisfied with the suggestions above, consider America. This is the perfect answer to the question that where we should travel on Christmas. On Christmas, America is surrounded by the green of pine, red of poinsettias and snow white. Walking on the streets of New York, you will feel the exciting Christmas atmosphere.

Moreover, on Christmas, American airlines must provide Christmas flight coupons and discounts to encourage travel demand of people. Therefore, it will be regret if you skip this opportunity.


Christmas at the beach in Australia - best countries for travel on Christmas

Australia is also an ideal destination for traveler on the upcoming Christmas. You can celebrate a warm Christmas along with BBQ parties in Kanguroo country.

The symbolic image of Christmas is the reindeer pulling the sled carrying Santa Claus to deliver presents. However, when you come to Australia, you will see the image of Kanguroo pulling sleds, and Santa Claus … wearing swimming trunks to give presents. Well, Australia is very hot.

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