5 Best Dating & Wedding WordPress Themes You Cannot Miss This Valentine

5 Best Dating & Wedding WordPress Themes You Cannot Miss This Valentine

Wedding and romantic dates are always unforgettable events in the life of every human being. People not only crave for saving the best moments of those days, but they also love sharing it with the world. A WordPress website allows you to upload your Wedding anniversary photos and receive good wishes from all your relatives and friends. However, not everyone knows which WordPress theme is the best for themself.

Are you run a blog or business related to love & marriage services? Do you wonder what are the best WordPress themes to choose? This article is for you. We will recommend you the top 5 best Dating & Wedding WordPress themes.

WS Wedding

WS Wedding AgeThemes

WS Wedding really deserves to be among the top WordPress themes dedicated to websites for event organizers, wedding sellers, and wedding planners. It has a sweet, mature appearance and makes the viewer feel extremely happy and warm.

WS Wedding equips with tons of features to give your site a great visual as well as introduce the latest items in your store. Also, its responsive design ensures the best experience for your visitors, even when they use mobile devices. This theme is among the best choice for your Valentine.

TPG Dating

TPG Dating AgeThemes

Ranking No. 2 on this list is TPG Dating – a perfect WordPress theme for dating service providers, blogs about couples, or any business related to love.

With a charming, loving, and mysterious design, TPG Dating promises to make your site a familiar destination for those looking to find their partners, lovers or anyone having a romantic soul.

Utilizing the latest CSS and HTML5 technologies, your website will be 100% responsive. Moreover, TPG Dating uses BuddyPress, a robust and professional WordPress plugin for creating an online community easily.

TPG Wedding

TPG Wedding AgeThemes

Not inferior to its counterparts, TPG Wedding has won thousands of love from couples and newlyweds. They adore this theme because of its elegant, gorgeous appearance and unique animation.

TPG Wedding is a Marriage WordPress Theme for wedding online invitation and any couples to celebrate their precious day.

Outstandingly, you can delight in your favorite color choice because this theme has 4 preset color options.

Using TPG Wedding, your site will make anyone wants to settle down immediately and appreciate their Valentine with their beloved ones.

ET Bridal

ET Bridal AgeThemes

Right from the name reflects the femininity and sophistication of ET Bridal. In more detail, ET Bridal is a stunning Wedding WordPress theme for wedding dress, wedding photo stores, and wedding service providers.

This theme allows web designers to show off the most flawless wedding products and photos in an eye-catching way. The clean design ensures a huge number of visits to the website and thus boosts your business.

LT Wedding

LT Wedding AgeThemes

Last but not least, LT Wedding occupies a brilliant spot among the top Wedding WordPress themes. Viewers will be impressed by the splendid and bright appearance of this theme, making them unwilling to leave your site.

If you are wanting to create an enticing invitation for your wedding guests or mark the big day of your life, LT Wedding is a perfect choice. For instance, LT Wedding provides an entirely responsive layout which helps your site display perfect on any screen resolution of mobile devices.

The features of LT Wedding aim at bringing a romantic breath and expressing passionate love. What could be better than using this theme for your site on this Valentine?


In summary, above are 5 best Dating and Wedding WordPress themes you can take advantage of to beautify and highlight your website. There are plenty of high-quality WordPress products on Age Themes to meet the most demanding needs. As you may know, Age Themes has long been a trustworthy provider of themes and templates in this vast market of competitors.

Moreover, customers will achieve maximum satisfaction when using Age Themes coupons, discount codes and deals >>here<<. You can not only experience great product features but also minimize costs and save a considerable amount of money. Let’s change your website’s “coat” on 2020 Valentine’s Day!


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