[Greatest Foods] 5 Best Halloween Dishes And Mysterious Meaning Behind

[Greatest Foods] 5 Best Halloween Dishes And Mysterious Meaning Behind

Halloween is a festival inspired by the harvest day and the festival of the spirits. It starts from the evening until 12pm on the last day of October. On this occasion, children and teenagers often wear Halloween costumes and go to neighbors’ house to knock the door and ask for candy and give them wishes.

Like other festivals, people often eat some typical Halloween dishes with special meanings.

Soul Cake

This cake will be sent to strangers’ home at random. The simplicity of the cake symbolizes the souls and prayers for loved ones. For a family, the more cakes they receive, the more prayers they get.

Although most receivers are strangers, families that lose loved ones believe that the prayer of strangers on their family will help the deceased person to left this world easier. Soul cakes taste like regular crackers, often added with raisins arranged in a cross. The cake has a special flavor that makes it possible for the kids to enjoy the cake fully after eating the number of cakes in the pumpkin. Because of that, children often choose it to eat at the end of Halloween.

Boxty Pancakes

Boxty is a potato pancake of Ireland. It is one of the 3 main dishes on Halloween. This pancake consists of mashed potatoes, diced potato and potato chips. With such a mix, this cake looks extremely eye-catching without losing the traditional taste of a real pancake.

Boxty is often eaten with cream of Greek, sugar juice made from pine and the cake also has fruits and vegetables chopped to decorate around. This cake is very popular in Ireland, the old Irish rhyme is:

Boxty on the griddle;
boxty on the pan.
If you can’t make boxty,
you’ll never get a man!


Colcannon is also a traditional dish of the Halloween season. The interesting thing about this dish is that the cook has secretly hidden a coin or a small charm inside the dish. If the eater finds that coin, he or she will meet many lucky things in the near future, just like the lucky bread often seen in the movie.

When a charm was discovered in Colcannon, it was believed to determine a part of the finder’s future. For example, if we find a necklace, that person (especially women) will have to be single in the future. But this is just a game on Halloween helping to bring a small surprise and traditional feeling.

Legend has it that the way of reversing the charm is also very simple. You just need to put the Colcannon in a sock that is as big as Christmas’s sock and hang on the door, and at that moment the future husband will appear.


Similar to Colcannon, Barnbrack also hides a game. Like a regular sponge cake, it is a grape-like cake and dry like muffin. But the special thing about this cake is that it hides a ring inside, and people will have to wait until the end of the meal to see who the owner of the ring is.

Traditionally, the ring will be placed in the middle of the cake and if anyone finds it, they will get married in the coming time. Currently, there are many lucky charms that are replaced for the ring to avoid the versatility of this game on young people who do not want to get married.

Candy Apple

One of the customs on Halloween is to distribute candy to children. Therefore, candy becomes an indispensable dish on a spooky night, especially apple candy loved by children. The apples are dipped evenly through the syrup or the red sugar is very nice and delicious. You can refer more about Healthy Chinese Food Options

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