Top 5 Best Marketing Books

Top 5 Best Marketing Books

Marketing is the most ever-changing aspect of a business. The strategies that worked a few years ago might not work today. You have to constantly evolve and innovate with changes in the market and the industry. However, to make things a bit simpler, there are some of the best marketing books available that can be of great benefit to you. 

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Best Marketing Books

These books uphold various life lessons, several types of innovative and adaptive marketing strategies, human psychology, customer relations, and many more aspects. In this article, we will learn about some of the top choices of marketing books that, if read, can have a real positive impact on our lives.

What Are the Top Choices Of Marketing Books To Read This Year?

Here we have the best-recommended marketing books of the year. Let us have a thorough look and understand the reason why they have been the top preference:

1. The Hidden Psychology Of Social Networks- How The Brands Create Authentic Engagement by Understanding What Motivates Us 

Author: Joe Federer 

This book written by the former Head of Brand Strategy at Reddit has been considered as one of the best marketing books of the year. Joe Federer, in this book, digs deep into the ecosystem of social media to find out what attracts us users to these social networking platforms. He also tries to explore the reason why our varying online personas are so much different than what we express in real lives. This book entails elaborations on anthropology, neuroanatomy, psychology, and evolutionary biology that has been found after examining the spectrum of human behavior. These basically allow the reader to understand and evaluate better social media strategies for marketing. 

2. Pandemic, Inc.: 8 Trends Driving Business Growth & Success In The New Economy 

Author: Patrick Schwerdtfeger 

The main message of the book presents the argument about the fact that tremendous opportunity can be equaled to tremendous change. Patrick Schwerdtfeger, the business futurist, and Bloomberg TV speaker, indicate that this will continue if the reader understands how to leverage it.  This book acts as a guide to offer readers a clearer view to successfully take charge of unprecedented aspects in this Covid-19 fallout. Reading this book can prove to be extremely beneficial for small business owners, entrepreneurs, job-seekers, and self-employed professionals. As a tech expert, the author feels that this book must be read by those who are associated with the technological sectors or similar industries.

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3. Thinking Fast & Slow 

Author: Daniel Kahneman 

Highly recommended as one of the most inspiring and best marketing books of the year, Daniel Kahneman, the author, takes you on a journey that covers all the aspects of human behavior, specifically the irrational one. This book concentrates on the division between unconscious and conscious actions and beliefs. The remarkable psychologist and economist focus on the vulnerability of the human brain in statistical thinking.  It entails why and how for efficient marketing, the understanding of human behavior and psychology is essential. It will be an impactful read for the readers as it exposes them to the need to have empathy for successful marketing.

4. The Results Obsession: ROI-Focused Digital Strategies To Transform Your Marketing

Author: Karen J Marchetti

The author Karen J Macheratti elaborates on the key takeaways and actionable insights that provide a detailed step-by-step guide for marketers at several stages of their career. The author, who has long-term experience in internet marketing, plans, and tests, explains how success can be measured with the right metrics. It focuses on a variety of aspects, such as how to drive traffic to generate the best leads and pulls your attention to the marketing channels that might provide you with the best services. Pay Per Click (PPC), Google Analytics, SEO, emails, etc., are some of the more strategies that are well explained in this book. 

5. Brand Storytelling: Put Customers At The Heart Of Your Brand Story

 Author: Miri Rodriguez


The author Miri Rodriguez has contributed one of the best marketing books of the year, which considers marketing as a study of storytelling. This book has been nominated for many awards such as the NYC Big Book Award, the Porchlight Book Award, the Stevie Award and has also been named as the Best Public Relations Book of All Time by Book Authority. The author's basic argument entails that grabbing customers’ loyalty by the value of storytelling can be recognized through thinking beyond standard content strategy. The book depicts brand engagement can be strengthened for the long term if the brand can connect emotionally with the customers. Various case studies from Adobe, Google, and Coca-Cola are elaborated on to better understand the readers. 

Why You Should Read Marketing Books?

The benefits of reading marketing books are huge. It will help to keep your mind fit and fine. At the same time, it expands your knowledge base and improves the ability to think and take decisions in a better way. 

On the other hand, if you are willing to grow your career in the marketing world, you must know the opinions of experts who already have years of experience in this domain. This will enhance your knowledge about the marketing world. 

Reading different types of books will give you a unique idea about your business and you can grow the same by working smartly. This is how reading marketing books can change your life in terms of success.

Final Thoughts

 The only way you can develop yourself, and your marketing strategies is by reading. Reading will allow you to lead your business effectively and even succeed in life. It is no surprise that the world’s most successful leaders spend most of their time reading books. It is a great habit and can make you stacked up with immense knowledge. Therefore, the above listed are the top 5 marketing books that you must read in 2021 to grow your knowledge and abilities. 

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