5 Best Tips For Halloween Horror Nights 2019 – Know Before You Go

5 Best Tips For Halloween Horror Nights 2019 – Know Before You Go

Halloween Horror Nights is an annual special event that occurs at Universal Studios theme parks in Florida, California, Singapore, and Japan. The Halloween-themed event occurs during the fall season and features haunted houses, scare zones and live entertainment. For 2019, do you know everything about this creep event? How to prepare yourself for Halloween Horror Nights 2019?

Below, we show you 5 best tips for Halloween Horror Nights 2019 to save time as well as money at the nation’s premier Halloween event.

1.Get Halloween Horror Nights discount codes, coupons, promo code, & deals.

To save money in the Halloween Horror Nights event, the best way is to get ticket discount code, coupons, promo code, deals before checkout tickets. Today, you can easily find them on the internet and many Halloween online websites.

You even can get Halloween Horror Nights coco-cola discounts and others.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights tickets discounts

Get Universal Halloween Horror Nights tickets discount code before go

2. Parking isn’t free, either.

Throughout most of the year, Universal usually offers free parking after 6:00 pm. However, during Universal Halloween Horror Nights, Parking isn’t free. You have to pay $26 for regular self-parking and $40 for preferred self-parking until at least 10:00 pm.

Stranger Things' scare at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights

Stranger Things’ scare at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights

If you want to search a place for overnight parking, just plan a budget and get a room on-site at either Cabana Bay Beach Resort or Endless Summer Resort for the night.

3. Select the right number of Halloween horror nights to visit.

Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Another tip is that you should select the right number of nights to visit. If you think this event is going to freak you out, one night will be plenty.

If you are a horror fan and spend the entire year planning for Halloween, you may go Halloween Horror Nights for 10 times or 15 times. More importantly, just make sure you get there early so you can check out a lot of the grounds before the sun totally sets for the night.

Besides, you’d a better plan on buying a pass that includes multiple nights and checking out the VIP tour options. A huge appeal of Halloween Horror Nights is the people-watching, and a new night means all-new visitors getting scared out of their minds.

4. Eat before going to Halloween Horror Nights event.

To save time as well as money, you should have dinner before going into Halloween Horror Nights. If you do so, you’ll save your time looking for dining options. So you could be going through haunted houses, exploring the streets, or watching the live stage shows.

Universal Orlando unleashes BOGO ticket offer for Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Orlando unleashes BOGO ticket offer for Halloween Horror Nights

Besides, if you want to save money, be sure that eat anywhere off-site. If you need to eat on-property, you should go to the food court on the second floor of Universal CityWalk. This place offers food at the best price.

5. Watch the forecast.

Universal Orlando announces Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Universal Orlando announces Halloween Horror Nights 2019.

Before go Halloween Horror Nights, you should watch the forecast and consider bringing extra layers of clothing or raincoat. This helps you stay warm and dry. Besides, they can also provide a psychological barrier between you and the roaming demon hordes.

You also can buy Halloween Horror Nights apparel at a fair price. For example, you pay $50 to get a hoodie. See more about Halloween MemeTemplates.

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