5 Cutest Baby Memory Books & Photo Albums

5 Cutest Baby Memory Books & Photo Albums

My Baby Times Memory Book

Sweet and simple; gender neutral! Every page has a pocket for extra photos, cards, etc and the cover is beautiful!

Me and My First Years Book

If you need something simple, cute, and that you can actually complete, buy this book! . It can capture the important moments (major holidays), the birth and family tree, and has a page for every month.

All About Me Book

Beautiful colors and well-constructed pages and binding! The layout makes it super easy to add pictures and key notes. So, this book makes it easy to remember what to capture and update between naps, feeding and diaper sessions.

Pearhead Chevron Baby Memory Book

This book has a nifty foot print kit and comes in a hard plastic case that can be used to store it in even after you are done filling it. Good to keep it clean and safe in storage!

When We Became Three: A Memory Book for the Modern Family

Great non-traditional baby book! This book covers so many of the things that are fun to recall during those early, fun, sleep-deprived years. It’s definitely intended for biological children and first-born.

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