5 Field Service Management Trends To Look For

5 Field Service Management Trends To Look For

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Field Service Management companies have gone through the same dip as many businesses in the year 2020. However, with the unexpected turn, Field Management managed to climb up the ladder with new features that support their customers unconditionally. Companies adapted to alternative methods and modes to embrace advanced technology in the field of service management. In the year 2021, the new techniques continued to surprise and upgrade their status amongst the community.


Although most of the new adaptations are concerned with technology, it sure puts Field Service Management on the top of the search list and a highly recommended option for many customers. The efficiency of the business had a massive platform during the lockdown to exhibit its potential to the fullest. Here are some of the significant trends that attracted netizens towards Field Service Management in 2021.


  1. Remote

The added advantage of the pandemic and the lockdown was the seamless shift to remote services. Remote field service management has increased productivity and caused an intense decline in expenses. The low operation cost and the high efficiency have been supported by technological foundations and other infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of remote field service management. To provide convenient scheduling and dispatch, reliable GPS-enabled software or a cloud-based field service management software like Field Promax is a viable option. With the evolving work functions, the traditional offsite working environment has been replaced with a cost-effective remote environment. With remote management, everything is accessible everywhere and at any time.


  1. Self-service

Although self-service has been an integral part of many services, it took flight with lockdown effects. The increase in customers can clog websites or cause internet traffic shortening the possibility of satisfactory service. The intermediate barriers to reach our loyal customers have been removed through working from home and maintaining a digital platform for their routine work. Imagine attending a Christmas dinner with self-service, and you all can eat buffet. However, the queue is super long, and by the time it’s your turn, you may miss out on the good stuff. But with your business, you’ve got a loophole to get the solutions right away. Field Service Management software offers 24/7 customer support service so that you don’t have to wait in a queue to get the good stuff, aka the solution for your queries. Customers can log their issues and get support on Field Service Management software like Field Promax portals directly without waiting in line. 



  1. Artificial Intelligence

The world is equipped with the latest technology and possibly advanced artificial intelligence. The field service industry also makes the most of these features to provide the best and speedy service possible. With the integration of IoT (Internet of things), technical tasks have made field service operations a lot more efficient in 2021. The AI system helps analyze human errors, detect codes, and repair manufactured faults. Artificial intelligence-equipped machines and software can increase functioning velocity but can never replace humans in the service industry. Softwares for accounting like QuickBooks have kept the ledger updated and maintained authentic customer information making field service management software more reliable. WIth Ai integrations, scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and dashboard updates are smoothened within field service management software.


  1. Database expansion

The tracing of data and data-driven delivery has become more accessible and attainable within 2021 due to advancements in technology and other resources like time, software, etc. The possibilities to create new opportunities and develop varied options to expand the field service industry was made possible with metrics like customer cost, task per technician, travel time, wages per job, and more. With careful calculations and analysis, other data like customer health conditions, neighborhood status, and further study on the service field were conducted before work orders were generated. In a recent survey, field service organizations that provide the best service witnessed service profit of 18%, customer retention of 42%, and SLA performance of 44%. Field Service Software offers the feature to keep customer data, working rates, and performance graphs within a single platform. Increased databases led to the adequate progress of the business and increased customer foundation.


  1. FSM as a whole

The available features provided by field service management have become a trend on their own. The dependency of customers and their reliance on the options the field service software comes with has become a trend. Businesses had no other choice but to rely on field service management software to row their industry to the shore. From the digital database, the management techniques and the integrations like IoT, AI, QuickBooks, etc., have enriched businesses to reach and understand customers during the lockdown. This massive trend of companies being wholly dependent on field service management software intensified in 2020-2021. It is also an assurance that FSM as a trend can never get old because of the impeccable services it provides and the ease it yields to its customers.


A trend is something that may be exciting at the moment but would fade with time. However, with the pandemic in place, the field service management has grown to adapt to these trends as they uplift their industry. The recent changes in the field service management have helped expand their boundaries, experiment with new features and support various businesses. These trends are to become staple elements that represent field service management’s potential and never fade away.

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