5 Great Devices For A Home With A Pet

5 Great Devices For A Home With A Pet

Entrepreneurs and inventors have been able to develop a lot of cool and amazing devices for our homes. From super accurate security cameras, all the way to smart & automatic blinds, there are cool gadgets for almost every single area of the home.

But what about pets? What if you have one at home? Are there any devices that are meant to simplify living with a pet and eliminate some of the tiring duties? Well yes, of course, and here are 5 of them.

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Food dispensers

Whether smart or not, food dispensers completely eliminate the need to feed your dog regularly. All you need to do is fill up the dispenser with dry dog food once in a while, and it will release an appropriate amount of snacks for your four-legged friend on a pre-determined schedule.

However, if you have a smart food dispenser, you can variate between regimes and modes, dispense the food manually, control the dispenser from far away and even monitor your pup through it, if the dispenser has a camera. It saves you quite a lot of time every week.

Electric nail grinder

It’s a must-have if you do your grooming at home. When you read all of those dog nail grinder reviews, it becomes apparent that this type of device is far superior to the nail clippers. You have an almost 0% chance to hurt the pup when you’re using a grinder while it’s fairly easy to over-do nail clipping when you are using clippers. From first sight, you could think that most grinders are similar but actually they’re quite different. You should seek quiet devices as loud noise might distract the dog. Find out more about quiet grinders here.

A dog-mounted action camera

This is quite a new thing that’s rapidly increasing in popularity all over the world. Dog people are seeming to enjoy action-packed motion POV videos that their pups are able to capture. While it’s not a home device per se but it can definitely be enjoyed at home. You can stream the footage and see what your dog is up to when you’re not looking. In the end, there’s a lot of fun content that you could look at, edit and even publish.

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Smart collars

Bark collars are considered to be unethical. However, some pet parents/owners have no other way of teaching their dog not to bark that much and that loud. Even though you have a lot of painless bark collars, these aren’t the devices that we want to talk to you about.

Instead, what we have in mind are genuinely smart collars that transmit a GPS signal. This automatically, almost single-handedly eliminates the risk of your dog getting lost or running away. Within minutes, you can find their actual location with extreme precision. Smart collars work 24/7 and all over the world. Once again, while not a home device in the full sense of the term, it’s great to have on in your home, if you like to let your dog/cat out a lot.

Smart pet doors

If you have an active and very outgoing pet, as well as a pet door, the smart pet door is worth a buy. How does it work? Simple enough, actually. The door, itself is a unique mechanism that has a triggerable lock which is either locked and unlocked, depending on whether the key is in close proximity. The key itself is your dog’s or cat’s collar. Thus, when they come to the door, it is unlocked and opens.

However, if a stray or unknown animal tries to pass through without your dog or cat in close proximity, the pet doors won’t budge. Furthermore, you can remotely control the door to lock itself at night or to lock itself for the day, depending on whether you want to keep your pup inside or outside.

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