[Cuisine] 5 Greatest Traditional Christmas Food In The US

[Cuisine] 5 Greatest Traditional Christmas Food In The US

For a long time, Christmas has become an important holiday of the year all over the world. In every country, besides Christmas trees and decorations, Christmas is always associated with unique traditional dishes.

Here are 5 most popular traditional Christmas foods in the world. How well do you know about that.


Christmas Turkey

Turkey is the traditional dish on Christmas meals of many countries around the world. The image of a greasy turkey on a party table is the easiest thing to imagine about Christmas in many people’s minds.

That choosing turkeys for Christmas begins with the people in England. On important occasions, the English people often prefer to use large poultry and cattle to entertain family members. In fact, turkey is not the first choice at Thanksgiving and Christmas meals but goose.

Tree Stump Cake

Christmas Tree Stump Cake

When it comes to Christmas, it is impossible to forget this special cake that is made for this own colorful holiday. The cake derived from France and it is also known as “Bûche de Noël”, Yule Log or Christmas Log meaning “Christmas tree log”.

As legend said, in the ancient celebration of Yule, people have to prepare a large log and burn up during 12 nights to welcome the return of the Sun God. If the tree log burns out before the end of the festival, it’s a sign of a bad omen for the year.

Christmas Mint Candy

Christmas Mint Candy

Candies with red or green swirls are very attractive. A long time ago, the Christmas Mint Candy was straight and only white, but about 1670, the Cologne Cathedral choir leader tried making a stick-shaped candy, he gave it to his singers. In the nineteenth century, people added red stripes and mint flavor to candy.

Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

For a long time, Europeans made small gingerbreads cookies with the Sun symbol to celebrate the winter solstice. That day, the cake was only made of ginger, sugar, breadcrumbs, almonds and fruits …

By the 16th century, people replaced bread crumbs with flour, added eggs, sweetness … and the gingerbread is more popular to today. Previously, gingerbread has many different shapes. The first humanoid gingerbread was thought to have been initiated by Queen Elizabeth I, and she gave her guests gingerbread shaped like them.


Christmas Pudding

Christmas party will not be delicious without pudding. However, pudding today is no longer the same as before. By the 15th century, pudding was made from prunes, wine, finely chopped veal, breadcrumbs, herbs, vegetable onions, dried fruits and spices.

But around the 16th century, vegetables and meat were gradually replaced. By the 19th century, its ingredients and taste were quite same to today’s pudding. People also put some pea or coins in the cake and believe that people who eat this cake will be lucky all year.

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