5 Must-Try Hair Colors Stealing The Show This Summer

5 Must-Try Hair Colors Stealing The Show This Summer

As the seasons change, so does my mood for experimenting with fresh hair colors and styles. There's always something fun about a new 'do to match the shift in weather and vibe. Lately, I've been feeling drawn to lighter, brighter shades that echo the sunny optimism of summer. My friend Sarah, who's a hair pro, gave me the inside scoop on some of the top trends she's seeing take off for the warmer months. From cool mushroom browns to creamy blondes and everything in between, there are plenty of cool ideas to spark inspiration. I'm always up for a little change now and then to keep things feeling fresh. So if you're in the same boat and looking for a new 'do, keep reading for the lowdown on some of the looks I might need to try...

Buttercream Blonde Goddess

As we emerge from last summer's Barbie obsession, this year it's all about buttercream blonde - a softer, creamier take on golden summer highlights. In my opinion, it's the perfect blend of warmth and softness that flatters any skin tone. Light enough for summer yet still rich and multi-dimensional. Total goddess vibes!

Mushroom Magic

Porcini brown is the cool-toned alternative to warmer shades. Deeper than basic brown but with fun mushroomy undertones, it adds intrigue. As someone who loves experimenting, I enjoy how this shade lets you play with color without going too bold. Chic, low-maintenance texture too.

Lavender Dreams

Muted pastels are a playful trend for the adventurous. Neon nothing - faded lavender, peach, and blue tones whisper color instead of shouting. I dig the softly romantic vibe for daydreaming in the sun. Low commitment too since they're meant to fade gracefully. Must. Try!

Toasty Comfort

While cinnamon was huge last fall, toasted pecan is the cozy cousin for summer. With warmth but not brightness, it's ideal for coffee shop meetups. Thinking of going shorter too and can see this as the ultimate bob color. Cozy never looked so chic!

Soft Noir

For those who rock black year-round, the editors suggest a softer take with deep tones still readable as black. Low maintenance too. Works for any style or event. Might have to try this when my usual colors tire - edgy but not high drama seems like a perfect warm-weather combo!

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