Top 5 Outdoor Games To Consider For Staying In Shape

Top 5 Outdoor Games To Consider For Staying In Shape

We are lucky enough to be living during the technological revolution, which has allowed us access to a wide variety of digital goods and services. Gaming is one of the most popular practices that people tend to use technology for.

However, there are times that people want to take a break from their usual method of entertainment, which leads them to search for physical games that they can play with their friends or family members.

Today's article will discuss five outdoor games that you may consider if you want more active entertainment.

Let's swing into action.

1. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most popular games in the world right now, with a record of 2,290 000 participants in 2019. Casual participants between 24-34 years took 1.2%, while the core participants aged 18-24 years took 1.1%.

You can play this game anywhere with 2 to 10 people on a field 100 yards long and half as wide. (the more players you have, the smaller the area gets). Two teams of 4 or 7 players try to score points by catching a pass thrown by their teammate in an end zone at the opposite end of the playing field.

 A player cannot run with the disc but must stop running once they catch it before passing or throwing it to a teammate. Points are scored when a team completes a pass to a player in the opposite end zone. The team with the most points after 15 or 30 minutes wins.

2. Futsal

Futsal was created in Uruguay in 1930 as an alternative to playing soccer indoors because there weren't enough indoor locations available back then. The game is now played all over South America by both kids and adults (though leagues are separate for males and females), with 5 or 11 players per team who try to score points by kicking the ball into their opponents' goal.

 If a player commits a foul, the opposition gets to take a free kick from where the infraction took place. Many people enjoy playing futsal because it can be as physical as you want it to be as there is no protective gear required.

Skill is more important than size or strength, but there's also less running involved than soccer, so it's less tiring on your feet and knees after just an hour of play.

3. Flag Football

Flag football is a variant of American football played by both adults and children (although some leagues separate the two). Teams consist of 7 or 10 players each, depending on the level of play they're in. They line up on opposite sides of an opponent who must try to score points by advancing across the goal line by carrying the ball or catching a pass.

The defense must advance towards their opponent's end zone while preventing them from moving forward or scoring themselves. Still, there are special rules such as having four downs instead of just 3 to move the ball 10 yards and that the offensive team gets the ball at their 35-yard line instead of on their opponents' half of the field.

Flag football is American football without all the armor and tiring physical contact, so it's a safe way to stay active outdoors if you want to play football but don't feel like getting tackled all the time.

4. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is becoming a popular sport, especially for people who are looking to get into the water to stay active or experience nature. The best times to paddleboard are when there is little wind and no waves. These calm conditions make it easy for even novice borders to balance themselves on top of the water. However, you should still be careful, follow some common-sense safety tips, and wear a life jacket.

There are two ways to play paddleboard: either you sit on top of it or kneel on it. If you want to go fast, kneel. This position will be more tiring though so only do it for short bursts of speed.

You also need to be careful where to rest your feet - if you put them on the wrong part of the board it may slip out from under you and send you into the water. If this happens, turn around and try again or let someone help you up.

You can also play paddleboard by laying your stomach down on the board with your arms stretched in front of you. This is a nice workout, but it is even more difficult than kneeling, so do this for short periods of time too.

Next time you go paddleboarding try to choose the best inflatable paddleboards like the ones on the list here and you’ll enjoy this game.

5. Soccer

The world's most popular sport is one of the best ways to stay in shape without having to join a gym, and that's because every player needs at least some degree of speed and stamina to avoid getting exhausted quickly.

 That's because soccer forces you to run up and down the field for 90 or 120 minutes while trying not to get tackled by the opposition. You will still have many people playing together; it also makes a very social experience As fun as any other casual game.

Of course, some professionals play soccer all over the world at an even higher level than average players, so if you're feeling competitive, then you might want to join one of them instead.

However, no matter what sport you prefer playing in your spare time while engaging in regular physical activity, make sure that they don't interfere with your normal workout routine because it's still vital that you do that to stay fit.

 That is unless you're doing this for fun rather than trying to get back into shape, in which case, feel free to indulge yourself because staying active should always feel good.

When it comes to staying fit, the sky is your limit. Challenge yourself and push past your comfort zone with these top 5 outdoor games that will help you stay in shape all year round.

Getting an open-air workout can be a great way to change up what you're doing at the gym or how much time you spend on cardio machines each week. It's essential to keep things fresh! Which of these five outdoor games are you most interested in trying? Let us know below.

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