5 Signs Your Home May Need Water Quality Treatment

5 Signs Your Home May Need Water Quality Treatment


"The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land", said a wise Luna Leopold.

Water is vital for all forms of life but it also has to be clean and safe to sustain it.

We take it for granted that our tap water is safe and clean but this is not always the case.

The quality of your house's tap water is influenced by many things. Some of these are:

  • Source of the water
  • Water quality treatment at our water treatment plant
  • The condition of the pipes carrying the water

 but there are many more.

How can you know the quality of your water? I will show you below 5 signs your home may need water quality treatment.

5 Signs Your Home May Need Water Quality Treatment

Bad water quality can endanger the health of your family. 

We use water in almost every room of our home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and to your garden. How do you know if your water is safe for your family and home?

1. Bad Smelling Water

Most public water treatment plants add chemicals to the water to kill germs. such as chlorine and small amounts of sulfur may seep into the water supply through the gound. 

Low levels of chlorine and sulfur remain harmless. High levels, however, can cause health issues, such as stomach problems or dehydration. If your tap water smells, this is an indicator of unsafe water.  

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2. Sediment in The Water

Water from wells and city water treatment plants, go through filters to ensure safe drinking water. 

If you find sediment in your tap water this indicates a filtering issue. It could be that a pipe has a rupture which lets sand and other particles into the water supply.  

3. Metallic or Bad Tasting Water

Water in itself should have no flavor at all. So if you taste anything in the water you should take a look at installing a water quality treatment system. 

The taste in your water could mean that there is a presence of dangerous substances and this should not be consumed.  This could be from industrial chemicals, pesticides, or even medications contained in the water. 

4. Faded and Stained Washing

Many households have a supply of hard water, which is very high in mineral content and deposits into your water pipes. This mineral content builds up and can cause problems with your plumbing system and water appliances.

5. Your Skin and Hair Feels Dry

Hard water doesn’t agree with your skin, it dries it out. Untreated water can even cause skin inflammations and block pores. If your water has extra magnesium and calcium it will also make your hair and scalp dry and itchy.  Your Shampoo, soap, and creams can only help for a time.

Keep Your Water Healthy

To keep your water quality safe for consumption, cooking, and bathing, consider installing a water quality treatment system. 

This water quality treatment system will filter out sediment, kill harmful germs, and remove any dangerous chemicals.  This way, you ensure that your family is getting fresh and clean water. 

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