5 Things That Will Improve Your Sleep

5 Things That Will Improve Your Sleep

Many say that rest hours are sacred, and the reality is that they are vital for the body. During the hours of sleep, various processes occur in the body that influence your weight loss or gain, aging, physical condition, mental well-being, and more. But what if you cannot sleep well? Today there are hundreds of products and methods that you can use to make your sleep even more pleasant and restful. If your problem is that it is even hard to close your eyes when you are in bed, here you will also find suggestions to help you fall asleep.

Plant Infusions

We often hear that it is good to drink something hot before going to bed as long as it does not contain caffeine. Some people choose to have a chicken broth; but this could be too much for some. So hot infusions are always a good idea. In addition, in the market, you will find many varieties that include herbs such as valerian or chamomile, with which you will fall asleep quickly.

You can also take chamomile tea which has a chemical structure that should induce drowsiness. In addition to infusions, there are also sleep gummies made specifically to induce sleep. At Lunya, there are melatonin-free Asystem Sleep Gummies that promise to give you better sleep and help you wake up refreshed and stay active throughout the day.

Using an Exfoliating Glove While Taking a Hot Bath

Beyond the fact that this habit is most relaxing and pleasant, it is suggested to take a warm shower before going to bed, so you achieve the ideal body temperature that helps you fall asleep. People who take a warm bath before bed can not only fall asleep faster but also improve their quality of sleep. 

The hot bath plus mitt exfoliation will help you remove dead skin while relaxing and massaging your skin. As different investigations have explained, this may be because when people get out of hot water, they experience a slight drop in their body temperature, which is crucial for the brain to go to sleep and be ready to rest.

Meditate a Little

If besides relaxing your muscles, you take a moment to relax your mind, you will get the perfect combo, and practicing meditation can help combat insomnia. People who sleep longer and better do so thanks to the deep relaxation they achieve through meditation. 

If 'mindfulness' is not consistent with your lifestyle, deep and relaxing breaths will help you. 

You can try counting sheep, and we are serious about it. According to research conducted at the University of Southern Illinois, people who suffered from insomnia and did not-too-difficult arithmetic problems (such as counting from 100 backward by threes) while lying in bed fall asleep much faster. Interestingly this is a successful practice for insomniacs.

Get a Home Phone and Put It Away

Do you know what a Home Phone is? It is a little station to put your phone away before bed and finish your phone use for that day. The advancement of technology has changed many of our habits in recent years. We live surrounded by devices that make our lives easier but can also cause problems. The cell phone is a clear example: with it, we can talk and chat with other people, read, write, watch videos, listen to music, and work. All these functions in the same device mean that we cannot detach ourselves from it for a second, even before going to sleep. And this can harm our health.

Various studies ensure that the light emitted by screens interrupts the proper functioning of the hormone known as melatonin, which regulates the daily sleep cycle. This hormone is released in the dark and synchronizes body functions with your biological clock.

If the last thing you do before going to sleep is check your cell phone, this natural physiological process gets altered automatically. Delaying the hours of sleep or having poor rest affects the optimal functioning of the organism. That is why we must change some habits before sleeping. The best thing you can do is put your phone away so it does not distract you from sleep.


Aromatherapy is a very effective resource against insomnia because it acts directly on the nervous system. Although aromatherapy proposes the use of some essential oils to sleep and help to fall asleep, you have to take into account that it must be accompanied by some other habits such as eating dinner early, not using a mobile phone or television in the bedroom, and meditating before going to bed. 

Natural essences such as lavender accentuate our sense of smell and, therefore, also the area of the brain related to relaxation. Lavender is also used in the treatment of insomnia and sleep problems. To achieve a state of relaxation, aromatherapy oils can be an ideal tool as they help you gradually leave the hectic pace of everyday life behind.

There are many means of applying aromatherapy, such as aroma lamps, oils, aroma baths, and aroma pillows. Taking a relaxing lavender essential oil bubble bath at night, lighting a fragrance dispenser or scented candle with scented oil, or sleeping on a scented pillow may be enough. It will depend on each person.


A successful day will depend on a good night's sleep. To avoid problems when it is time to go to bed, you should put the tips on this list into practice. Applying aromatherapy, having time for meditation, buying a home phone, plant infusions, and exfoliating your skin with a glove while taking a hot bath will make you fall asleep quickly and peacefully.

You will experience improvements in your day-to-day if you manage to sleep all the recommended hours. You will perform better at work, remain alert and active, and feel more energy to do all your tasks. Invest in the quality of your sleep, buy what is necessary to do so, and you will enjoy the benefits soon.

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