5 Types Of Vapes That Are Trending

5 Types Of Vapes That Are Trending


The first modern e-cigarette to get into the market was in 2003. It was the starting point of the popularity of vaping devices. No one would have predicted that vaping devices and vaping juices, like pacha mama vape juice , would evolve at such an incredible speed to become a preferred alternative to traditional nicotine delivery systems. 

With the different types of vaping devices on the market, new entrants looking to get into the vaping industry may have difficulty finding the right place to start. Before you can begin your vaping journey, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the different types of vapes available.

Choosing a vaping device will be the first decision you ever make in your vaping journey. But how do you do so when the vaping world is continually evolving and expanding? Here are some of the most popular types of vapes worldwide. 

  1.  Disposable Electronic Cigarettes/Vape Pens

One of the best ways to get started with vaping is using disposable vape pens. Such pens stand out because their units are whole and not sold with separate parts. It means that the battery, atomizer, and oil are all in the same unit. 

These pens are disposable since the battery is not rechargeable. However, vape pens are popular due to the simplicity of their use. You only need to inhale and activate the pen’s heating system making the pens very discrete to use. 

The pen works by heating ejuice until it evaporates. As such, no fire or smoke develops. The disposable vaping pen is the best option for beginners.

  1.  Mech Mods


Mech mods or mechanical mods are common terms associated with vapers looking to perform tricks or cloud chases. If you are unfamiliar with mechanical mods, they may appear extremely complex and difficult to use. The reality is that they are not as sophisticated as they appear to be.

So, what exactly is a mech mod? It is a metal tube with a switch that allows you to connect your battery to the atomizer. Easy, right? While they may appear to be the most complex gadgets, they are, in fact, about the simplest of all vapes. The casing of the mod houses a battery that connects to the top and bottom caps of the mod. When you fire through the mod by using the switch, it allows the current to flow into the coil. 

This type of gadget is suitable for use by advanced vapers looking for a more customized vaping experience. It is for those that prefer blowing large clouds in the air and not for anyone seeking to be discrete. 

You cannot adjust a mech mod to control the amount of vapor it releases. Power depends on the strength of your inhale. When you compare them to standard mods, they can be dangerous for beginners since they do not have a safety feature.

  1.  Pen-Style Mods


A pen-style vape is a bridge that connects a new vape user from the starter kits to the more advanced vape devices on the market. It offers a simple user experience and the versatility to use various types of e-liquids.

The vape pens have a look very similar to that of traditional nicotine delivery systems. You can enjoy using the mod discreetly without drawing much attention to yourself as it does not leave behind any smell. The vape pen is small, allowing you to carry it everywhere you want. It is also easy to fill up and use. You only need to press the power button to use them. Some vape pens may also come with a temperature control feature that you can use to change the wattage. 

  1.  Box Mods

Unlike the other mods, a box mod is an electronic cigarette with both an internal and external battery. You can find both regulated and unregulated versions depending on your preference. The difference is that the unregulated mechanical box mod does not have any electronic components that’s present in the regulated box mod.

By pressing the fire button of the mechanical mods, it completes a physical connection between the battery and coil, thereby lighting it. For regulated mods, pressing the fire button sends a message to the atomizer through the processor to power the coil.

Box mods are today the most popular vapes in the industry. You should, however, only choose to use it if it delivers your needs and meets your preferences.

The box mods are mighty, considering they are used in sub-ohm systems. If you are an experienced vaper, the box mod allows you to change the coils regularly. Additional features are not present in many other vape mods, such as a display screen, navigation buttons, and temperature control.

  1.  Pod Vapes


A pod vape is the latest type of vaping product to get into the market. It is a small, portable, and easy-to-use device offering the maximum nicotine impact. Pod vapes do not use large tanks. Instead, they use disposable pods that contain integrated coils. The result is a unique and modern vaping experience. 

The pod vape is highly versatile. You can pair it up with sub-ohm coils or even nicotine salt e-liquid with coils of about 0.8 Ohms and higher, giving you the ability to vape at whatever strength you want. 

They are perfect for beginners, but advanced users may also benefit from some of the properties it offers. You can find pod vapes in various sizes and shapes. However, one thing remains the same. They are compact and lightweight. You can, therefore, carry them wherever you want to go. 

Summing Up

The vaping experience you get depends on the type of vaping unit you use. To choose the right unit, you need to understand how vaping works and the different types of vaping mods in the market. The above information should help you differentiate between the top most popular vaping mods in the market today.

As noted above, there are vaping mods best suited for beginners and mods best suited for expert vapers. Beginners can get a good experience from the easy-to-use vapes, while experts can enjoy the more complex gadgets.

When using a vaping mod, it is important to maintain safety practices to ensure that you use it for the long term without replacing it. For example, if you use mods with rechargeable batteries, do not let them get too low. The performance will start to die down. Charge it up as soon as you can. At the same time, do not let the mod stay fully charged for long; you have to use it if you want to keep it for long as well. 



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