5 Unique Restaurants In The UK And What Makes Them So Quirky

5 Unique Restaurants In The UK And What Makes Them So Quirky

The UK is known for its diversity, especially when it comes to cultures and food. When you look up restaurants in the UK, you will find a plethora of options around. Breaking from the normal tradition, there are a few amazing restaurants in the UK that are known for their quirky décor and their unique menu.

If you are looking for restaurants to dine-in in the UK, there are a few quirky restaurants that you can take a look at.

  • The Frog Haxton

As unique the name of the restaurant is, The Frog Haxton is Chef Adam Handling’s visionary. But, what makes this place unique is the combination of some of the local British dishes with a South Asian twist to it. 

The main reason why this restaurant managed to steal the attention of the customers is because of its zero-waste ethos. It also has a separate menu for vegetarian and vegan individuals. Pair this with the graffiti muraled wall and you have one of the quirkiest restaurants in the UK.

  • Sketch

Located in the West End of London, Sketch is a place where you are served art on the plate. The restaurant's head chef, Pierre Gagnaire, a French food connoisseur brings out his creations on a plate. 

Every dish is unique and different from the other. What makes this quirky is the crockery that the dishes are served on. They are commissioned from David Shrigley’s deadpan sketches.

  • Purnell’s

Aside from the fact that this is one of the most popular joints when you look up restaurants near me in Birmingham, the setting of the place is what makes everyone’s breath away. The place is set in a Victorian home that gives it a touch of history that you wouldn’t regret spending a few more pounds on.

They feature “Brummie Tapas”, a type of finger-food with some creative experiments that make this place a worthy one for your dining needs.

  • Two Lights

For the individuals who want a taste of the American dishes in Britain, Two Lights is the perfect place to be in. It is located in Shoreditch and features whitewashed walls and the quirky laminate-topped tables that further make this space one that you would want to spend your nights eating in.

The wine collection in the restaurant further puts it on the map. It has a popular wine from every province, be it from Europe, America, or even Australia.

  • Sake No Hana

This place serves fancy sushi among several other dishes. If you are a Japanese food enthusiast, you wouldn’t regret visiting this spot. The interior of this space is designed and done by Japanese architect KengoKuma and makes you feel like you are in a Japanese forest.

The dishes are aesthetically pleasing but the cocktails are next level, especially with the innovations they are packed with.

If you have been on the lookout for some good yet quirky restaurants in the UK, these are some of the most popular ones. Make sure that you book a table in advance as they are always overbooked.



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