[Update] 5 Suggests Of Painting Or Making Halloween Mask

[Update] 5 Suggests Of Painting Or Making Halloween Mask

Dressing up is an indispensable part of Halloween. And one of the most unique ways of dressing is to paint a mask. Here are 5 ways of painting different Halloween masks for you to consult.

Lion Mask

First, you need to prepare cardboard in beige, orange, yellow, black, white, and pink. If not, you can prepare cardboard and watercolors of the above colors, then, cut the orange cover in a circle so that it is fitted-to-your-face. Next, you cut the lower part so that it is exposed from the mouth down.

The next step is to cut the orange paper into long stripes and stick it on the orange cover above to make the lion’s hair. For the nose, you cut a piece of pink cover in a triangle so that the top of the triangle is at the lion’s forehead, the bottom of the triangle ends at the nose.

Stick two more pink circles on both cheeks. Cut additional black and white paper to complete the lion’s nose and mouth.

Bear mask

You need to prepare the following items: bear mask pattern, a piece of felt cloth, a little other colorful felt cloth, scissors, elastic band to make mask strap, thread, embroidery needle, pins. Here is the way of making Halloween bear face mask:

Step 1: Take a bear face sample and place on the piece of felt cloth to cut to the shape of the pattern. If several different fabric samples are cut, the pieces should be pinned on the felt cloth after cutting. It is better to cut on both the front and back to make the mask thicker and more beautiful.

Step 2: Piece the cut sheets and staple them together. Get embroidery needles to stitch each piece by hand or use a mini sewing machine at home. The advice is that you should use household sewing machines that do not take up much space and satisfy your homemaking not only during this Halloween.

Step 3: Measure the elastic band so that it fits the mask on the head. After that, you just need to stitch on both sides of the mask.

Lace mask

To make this kind of mask, you need to prepare a large lace, two of feathers, a thin sponge, the same color ribbon, glue and scissors. The first step is to cut the lace into four, fold in half and glue a thin sponge to shape the eyes. Then, cut the lace and stick it on the cloth to form a basic mask. Next is to cut the lace and stick it below the eyes. Then, you attach two more feathers on both sides of the eyes to be more vivid. Finally, attach the ribbon to the straps. So, you have finished it.

Makeup in bewildered deer style

Makeup in this style, you should make up in tones of smoky brown to coincide with the coat color of the deer. Especially for the eye sockets, cheekbones, forehead and chin, you should use a brown block to create the face. Drawing white dots on the cheekbones, on the eyebrows symbolize the white dots on the body of the deer. Add a little glow in the corner of the eye to make the eyes more attractive. Don’t forget to add a fake deer horn to complete your makeup. A small note that you should use genuine makeup when drawing directly on the face to best protect your sensitive skin.

Making a Pumkin Mask

First, choose a pumpkin mask template that you like and then sketch it out on paper, you can also enjoy creative. Halloween is a masquerade so the more special we are, the more attractive we get. Remember, when sketching the print pattern, we should to measure it proportionally to the face in advance.

After completing the first step, we will conduct coloring. The color is also free to create without having to resemble the patterns. After the color is dry, you will make two small hole on the side of the mask, add the strap and you complete your accomplishment.

Hopefully, these above suggestions can partly help you get the best Halloween mask. However, if you are so busy on Halloween that you cannot spend time making mask, it is still good to buy cheap Halloween masks at Halloween store. Because, you can completely get coupon on that day.


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