5 Ways To Shop Houston Electric Companies Before Choosing A Provider

5 Ways To Shop Houston Electric Companies Before Choosing A Provider


If you’ve just moved to Houston, Texas, you’re sure to love the cuisine, diversity, and history of the city. While it’s easy to fall in love with Houston, one thing that’s a bit tricker for new residents in finding the right electricity company.

There are plenty of Houston electric companies, all offering various plans and benefits. You’ll need to register with a company to have the power turned on in your new home or apartment, but it can be hard to find the right company.

If you need help, keep reading to find five of the best ways to shop around and compare local electric companies. Then, sign a plan with the perfect electric company for your budget and preferences.

1. Ask Companies If They Offer Pay-On-Time-Discounts

Often, one of the biggest concerns when looking for a provider is financial. Houston electric company rates can vary greatly, so you’ll want to compare costs from each company to see which one will be the most affordable.

However, one key question to ask is regarding discounts. Some electricity providers offer a discount for customers who pay early or before the due date on the bill.

This can be a fantastic way to save money, especially in the summer. With Houston summer temperatures averaging in the 90s, combined with frequent thunderstorms, you’re looking at a hot, humid few months in the summers.

This means you’re going to want your air-conditioning running at full blast, so try to qualify for discounts when you can.

A company that offers a higher daily rate, but a pay-on-time discount, is often more affordable than a company with a lower rate and no discount.

Looking for other ways to save? Ask the company if they offer any discounts for the military or if there are currently any special offers available for new customers who sign up.

2. Do Plenty of Research

When it’s time to choose a provider, it helps to do plenty of research into the various companies.

The best way is by asking friends or neighbors for recommendations. Ask them which electricity company they use and whether or not they’re happy with the service.

Reviews from those we know tend to be the most trustworthy, so this can help you find the right company.

Of course, another great way to do research is by searching online. Look for unbiased reviews on sites like Google, or even in local Houston community Facebook groups, and see what others think about the company.

While no business is going to have perfect reviews, look for a majority of positive reviews from current or previous customers. If a customer does have a problem with a company, were they able to resolve it in a kind and professional manner?

This is important, as you want a company that takes complaints seriously and acts swiftly to solve them.

3. What Plan Types and Durations Are Available?

Sometimes, the best electric company in Houston is the one with flexible plans that suit your needs.

You’ll want to compare durations and contracts when selecting a company. Some companies may require customers to sign up for a set period of time, generally anywhere from 6-18 months.

Other companies will offer a pay-as-you-go contract, with no minimum duration. This is great for renters, but it can sometimes be more expensive than a longer contract.

Also, consider the type of plan. Electric companies tend to offer fixed-rate, variable-rate, and indexed-rate plans. While fixed-rate plans offer you a locked-in, flat price per kilowatt-hour, the other two options have more variation.

Read up on all three plans and decide which is best for your home.

4. Check Out Their Customer Service

Another big consideration is the company’s customer service. No one wants to be left on hold for hours or treated poorly by a customer service rep, so try to work out which company has the best customer service.

Reading online reviews can help with this, plus browsing the company’s website to see how seriously they take customer care.

Take time to also review the company’s customer service telephone support hours and wait times for home technician visits, as you want to be sure they’re convenient with your lifestyle and schedule. Ideally, you want an electric company that sees you as a valued customer, not just another paycheck.

5. Where Does the Company’s Power Come From?

As we become more and more aware of the environmental impact of human energy needs, you might want to check where the company’s power comes from. Also, do they have any environmental initiatives to help the local area?

Check to see how much, if any, of the company’s power is green, or sustainable. If you have a focus on making your home more environmentally-friendly, then pay close attention to the sustainability practices of each company.

Use These Tips to Compare Houston Electric Companies

If you’re ready to switch on the lights, research and compare local Houston electric companies. Using the advice above, you can be smart about your selection and find the company that offers exactly what you need.

It’s worth putting in the effort now, as finding the right electricity company will help you save money and time over the years to come. Once you’ve found the right company, give them a call, sign up for a new plan, and your power will be up and running in no time at all.

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