Top 6 Wax And Dab Vape Pens

Top 6 Wax And Dab Vape Pens

Vaping is a fast-rising trend that has seen most fanatics get immersed in the mix. Not to mention that manufacturers are working round the clock to ensure clients enjoy each of their products.

Nowadays, picking the best is not as rosy for some vapers who are only in search of the most outstanding products. On the bright side, there are detailed and credible guides that make the whole experience fun.

Having a list of factors to look out for is what vapers of all levels need to consider. Here are the top wax and dab vape pens in 2021.

Utilian 5 Wax Pen

All highly experienced vapers know the importance of focusing on the brand name when shopping for a vape pen. The Utilian brand has been around long enough to know what its clients need.

The Utilian 5 wax pen is known for its incredible ability to last longer and still retain its effectiveness. Finding a legit product assures you of non-problematic vape sessions.

Another significant benefit of the Utilian 5 wax pen is how straightforward it is to use. Manufacturers have put all essential features in place but have installed a touch of elegance and sophistication in the available product.

The temperature settings are also intact, considering how much trouble most vapers face when it comes to such. It gives vapers the freedom to control the hits to their desired strengths.

KandyPens Wax Pen

Portability is a winning feature for this wax pen as it liberates vapers from all parts of the globe. They are free to carry it around without worrying about factors such as weight or a bulky design.

As its name suggests, the KandyPens wax pen is full of delectable flavors that emanate from all the concentrates found therein. The purity of these flavors is on a level of its own and can't be compared to other products of its kind.

A combination of your oil or juice, the manufacturer's carefully selected concentrates, and other waxes make this product worth a try. You might not need a smok t priv price since the KandyPens wax pen plays all its roles effectively.

Among its most prominent features is that it's leakproof and wouldn't put the vaper through the messiest ordeals. Instead, the packaging is efficient enough to ensure comfortable portability.

Another feature that enables it to attract attention from the most enthusiastic vapers is its simplicity. Beginners also have nothing to fear since everything has been made easier for them.

They only have to locate all the essential buttons and learn each function before officially trying it out. It also has a rechargeable battery that's enough to last for about three sessions when it's fully charged.

Dr. Dabber Boost Dab Pen

Vapers don't get the pleasure of coming across a credible dab pen that adheres to all the rules of vaping. The Dr. Dabber Boost stands out from all the rest due to its unique packaging design and functioning.

What makes it unique is that it's among the first of its kind. Manufacturers surveyed the dab market and realized that there weren't enough dab pens. This prompted them to seek viable solutions to keep vapers out of their misery.

Dr. Dabber Boost's dab pen brings sophistication to life by allowing enthusiastic vapers to have a dab or two while on the go. It's fitted with a battery that makes it as convenient as ever.

The battery factor is friendly to beginners who are still trying to find their way around dabbing and vaping. They won't have to improvise by using items that might eventually cause trouble.

Dr. Dabber Boost has a rechargeable battery that takes hours on end to recharge fully. Vapers are advised to develop an overnight charging routine that will help them stay active for an entire day.

G Pen Roam

This is a wax vaporizer of distinction since it looks into the urgent needs of vapers. The G Pen is easy to use and possesses universal traits such as two heating modes that are pretty distinct.

Its temperature ranges are nothing to worry about since they are adjustable. They give you the chance to explore the product further and satisfy your curiosity.

Puffco Plus Vape Pen

Puffco brand is not new to the vaping industry as it has been around for a significant period. It has other vape products as a franchise and has never disappointed clients due to its quest for quality.

Among its most distinctive traits is the presence of a dart that enables vapers to refill concentrates of their choice.

Ceram Vape Pen

It has a design that's never been seen before and manages to attract the attention of all types of vapers. The Ceram vape pen is discreet enough to keep your secret because its size fits comfortably on the palm of a vaper's hand.

It's a generally simple vape pen with standard features that add flavor to the vape craze.


A vaper's overall experience depends on the types of vape products they use. Each of them is designed and wired differently. Understanding their features is one of the keys to enjoying the pros of vaping.

What's more, the brand names are guiding factors that make it easier to pick the very best on the market.

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