5 Best-Selling Products Online To Sell In 2019

5 Best-Selling Products Online To Sell In 2019

According to recent research fail within 2 years.About 80% of online businesses lack in inexperience and knowledge, among other reasons, are common explanations for why an online business doesn’t take off.However, there are also cases in which businesses start off in the same situation, or even worse, and are still able to establish themselves well.Why? There are a lot of reasons why, but among them we can find the one that we’ll deal with today: choosing the product.Just by finding the right niche, you’ll help your business take off even when you may lack technical expertise or experience. To help you that, we thought about giving you some ideas about what to sell. We have researched and found the most sold products online. These are top 5 best selling products online.Scroll down to find out more.

1.Video Games

According to statista.com, Video Games will grow into a huge billion-dollar industry by the year 2020.

The revenue for the gaming world depends on two primary sources – Hardware (screens, controllers, processors, and accessories) and Software (games). Though this business had been there for decades, they are much more advanced now.

Based on the platform, it is categorized into console games and computer games. However, with the advent of tablets, social media, and smart devices, the categories have expanded further. Therefore, it doesn’t remain stagnant. It keeps upgrading and with a myriad of options, players have started to spend two-times the money on hardware, gaming content, and its accessories.

Products that go well under this category are:

  • Gaming gift cards
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Microsoft XBOX
  • Nintendo
  • Wireless controllers and game adapters
  • Gaming accessories
  • Game charge kits and docks

2.Camera & Photo Accessories

According to the latest figures, the sales in the camera market inclined by 7.1% in February 2017 from 1.7%. As of now, cameras that feature interchangeable lens tend to be highly influencing this market. While the sales of DSLR cameras declined by 9%, their non-reflex bodies generated 50.6% sales.
With the increasing popularity of Amazon photography and publicizing them in the social world, the digital camera business has entered the limelight. On the other hand, applications and services like photo editors have aided the demand.

Products that go well under this category are:

  • Instant films
  • Instant click cameras
  • Camera accessory kits
  • Photo papers
  • GoPro
  • Home security cameras


Of course, this is the digital era but that doesn’t mean that “hardcover books“ are outdated. They are classics and will continue to be no matter how digitized this world becomes. One wouldn’t understand unless he/she is a bookaholic.

There are more readers in this world than one could think of and no wonder physical books not only generate a good amount of sales but also stay in the list of Amazon’s best selling products on Amazon based on categories.

Products that go well under this category are:

  • Cookbooks, diet books, and recipe books
  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Children’s books
  • Comics
  • Fictional books
  • Suspense and thriller books

4. Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry

The list of best selling products on Amazon is incomplete if categories like clothing, jewelry, and shoes are not included. In fact, they are one of the reasons Amazon has had incredible revenue. Since clothes are one of the basic needs in a human’s life, it solely has occupied a huge room for income.

Products that go well under this category are:

  • Exclusive apparels
  • Stylish shoes
  • Rhinestone jewelry pieces

5.Beauty And Personal Care

Both men and women equally look for natural products to add to their everyday skincare regime. No wonder beauty business is one of the huge forces in the retail market, both offline and online. The sales are truly high for this domain but people really want to buy it from a trusted platform. And when it comes to online, what could be better than Amazon?

Like any other product category, Amazon is a dominant retailer of beauty products. Though they are amongst the best selling products on Amazon and high-revenue generating categories, both quality and safety are of supreme importance.

Products that go well under this category are:

  • Branded makeup products
  • Beauty products that have natural ingredients
  • Beauty tools and accessories

An important thing every seller will tell you is that – a “product” establishes the whole business. The best selling products online is the most integral and core part, which can either make or break.

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