7 Cold Email Strategies That Can Promote Your Products And Bring Success

7 Cold Email Strategies That Can Promote Your Products And Bring Success

Email marketing is definitely one of the most powerful tools that businesses leverage to raise their brand awareness and optimize their profits. However, it is also one of the most difficult marketing channels because everyone is using it. Most of the cold emails that I receive look like this:

Or this…

In each case, they’re trying to sell me something and each of them is trying to do that in a different way. After all, that’s what cold email marketing is all about! That is exactly why my Inbox looks like this: Here’s a fact:

When you send a cold email, there’s a high chance that your recipients will know that you’re trying to get their money. That is a true challenge. For that simple reason, you need to be a true professional and deliver the right messages in the right way. In today’s post, I’m sharing 7 cold email strategies that should help you improve your conversion rates. Pay attention and apply!

Offer Value Rather than Asking for Something

Last year, I used to be the marketing manager for a popular essay writing service that was focusing mainly on cold calling and cold emailing to acquire prospects. In that company, I’ve learned a huge lesson:

Never ask for something during your first interaction. That is the moment when you need to deliver the first impression, and the best way to do that is to offer free value. For example, I used to let people know that one of our essay papers is ready to meet their needs and offer a free consultancy session. Before this strategy, the email open rates were 87% lower. The reason? People hate to buy stuff unless it’s their idea to buy it!


Tell Them Why Your Proposition Must Be Considered

The word “because” is an extremely important factor in a cold email. The best psychologists have explained that explaining “why” you’re here and why someone needs to pay attention, there’s a higher chance that they will. Most of your email recipients are quickly looking for three things: What – Why – How? If you can deliver the “what” and the “why” perfectly, the “how” part is going to be easy.

Segment Your Email List and Be Relevant

Email segmentation is the art of customizing your database in such a way that each of your emails is truly relevant to your target audience. Cold emailing without personalization is similar to asking random people on the street if they want to buy your products and services. You should always personalize your emails before sending them, otherwise, you have no certainty that your prospects’ basic interests are met.

Test Your Subject Lines

Testing your subject lines is a critical process that you should always perform during a cold emailing session. Rather than sending 100 emails with the same subject line, you should send 50/50 and notice what works best. Basically, A/B testing at its finest. If you’re not familiar with the practice, you should never send an email before meeting this aspect. Testing helps you save a lot of money, time, and energy. Plus, it allows you to create the best experience for your users.

Keep It Short and Relevant

Cold emailing should be short and relevant. Why? Because it’s the first time you’re interacting with a new person, you want to take it slow. When you go to a club, do you ask the girl you like to marry you? Or, you’re taking it slowly, step by step? For example, if I were to promote the best dissertation service, the cold email would talk about the true importance of getting professional assistance and an invitation to see more.

Never Forget to Include a Call to Action

I see many cold emails that lack a call to action. Well, to create another funny analogy, that’s just like having sex without an orgasm. A cold email is supposed to introduce your brand and value proposition, but it is also meant to allow your prospects to do further research in case they are interested. An email that ends without a concrete call to action is simply wasted. You should always work on your CTAs and focus on adding as many power words as possible.

Treat it Like a Number’s Game

Email marketing, especially cold email marketing is definitely a numbers game. That means you should treat it like one and never stop sending emails. Of course, you should always optimize along the way but you should never get discouraged if one hundred people don’t react the way you want. Go for a thousand and be patient with your conversion rates!


Cold selling is tough, cold email marketing is even tougher. The power is both in the message and in the words that you use to send that message. Moreover, it should be clear by now that email marketing is a numbers game. However, if you’re careful about how you treat these numbers, you’ll experience a lot of success. Take today’s tips and tricks into consideration and notice how the number of leads grows immediately!


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