[Interesting News] 7 Things About Halloween You May Not Know

[Interesting News] 7 Things About Halloween You May Not Know

Halloween is not only a carnival but also a religious festival that has a profound impact on hundreds of millions of people around the world, especially Western countries. There are lots of interesting things about Halloween’s history as well as incident happened behind Halloween you may not know.

The pumkin represents Jack O’Lanterns

Once upon a time, there was a man named “Stingy Jack”. He is the one who made both God and Demons angry. Therefore, after dying, Jack is rejected by heaven and hell and wanders forever in the human realm.

Every night, he carried an empty radish with a candle inside to guide the way and looking for the souls of the living. The ancient Irishman repelled him by carving pumpkins and hanging them on the front door of the house. Just like that, a custom was born.

Besides pumpkins, images of witches, black cats, bats and owls are also considered the most used symbols during Halloween.

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When did “Trick-or-treat” appear?

The game “Trick or Treat” of American child became popular in the late 1920s. Meanwhile, the customs of asking for food as well as masquerading in the UK and Ireland has a history of nearly 600 years.

Why Disguise?

The Celts believed that the night of October 31 was the moment when the boundary between humanity and the underworld became the most fragile. Therefore, the disguise will help those attending the festival can avoid the true ghosts.

Americans spend billions of dollars on Halloween

Halloween is second only to Christmas in the list of America’s most costly holidays. In 2015, $ 7 billion was spent on the day, mostly on costumes, candies, home decor and all-night partying. In particular, the Halloween costume for pets also accounts for a small proportion.


Samhainophobia is the name for Fear of Halloween phobia. Accordingly, people with this condition will stay indoors, not disguised, do not participate in parties and do not decorate the house on Halloween because of fear of bad luck as well as the devil.

The worst murder in Halloween night

On Halloween in 1974, the little boy, Timothy O ‘Bryan (8 years old) received a bag of Pixie Stix candy from his father – Mr. Ronald. After eating, the boy immediately had convulsions and died. According to forensic diagnosis, Timothy died of cyanide poison impregnated in a bag of Pixie Stix candy. His death has caused a small town in Texas to panic because many people think that bags of candy of children is toxic.

The police took months to investigate and eventually concluded that it was Timothy’s father who did poison. By killing his offspring, Ronald O ‘Bryan could receive insurance payments of 100,000 to cover his debt. Fortunately, the amount of Halloween candy that he gave to the other daughter and 2 children of the neighbors was not touched and they escaped.

Michael Jackson is “The King of Halloween”

Thriller is the Halloween-themed song that has the highest rank on the Billboard charts (No. 4) and was the most downloaded in the digital era (3.4 million copies). Thriller MV is also considered one of the most classic and influential MVs in the contemporary music industry.

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