8000Kicks Reviews - Trusted Reviews Befor Purchasing

8000Kicks Reviews - Trusted Reviews Befor Purchasing

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8000Kicks is an eco-friendly shoe brand that designs 100% hemp footwear. Their men’s and women’s shoes are made using ethical practices.

This review will give you insight into the brand, their hemp-based footwear, customer reviews, and more, to help you decide if their shoes are worth the buy. 

8000Kicks are made from hemp, a Sativa branch. In fact, hemp is so strong that Henry Ford built a car out of it.

Super lightweight and durable, our proprietary Bloom foam outsoles are made of algae collected from Harmful algal blooms.

At the same time, the bloom soles can flex and bounce back to their original shape even after years of action.

Designed and developed by the world's smartest textile engineers using the world's eco-friendliest material. Zero impact on the planet, maximum comfort to our feet. And not for smoking! 

100% Splash Proof. They want to provide footwear for the active person, the challenger, the explorer, something that could provide the best experience under any condition, and that’s why we built them splash friendly and water repellent. 

Sneakers should be comfortable, flexible, and last you a long time. This is exactly what they are doing so that hemp could be so durable. If you find yourself grabbing for a pair of sneakers instead of the other shoes in your closet, the 8000sKicks Explorer V2 Sneakers can easily be your go-to's. 

These are shoes you can feel good about wearing. From sourcing to manufacturing, the processes are environmentally friendly. It’s nice to see that companies like 8000Kicks prioritize saving the environment.


Made of super-strong cannabis hemp fibers

Ecological soles made of algal blooms

The world's first natural hemp insoles

Breathable waterproof sneakers

100% vegan and eco-friendly shoes

Designed for people with an active lifestyle


Hemp stock is actually the “sober cousin” of marijuana. It has a minimal amount of psychoactive components, and for that reason, it is legal everywhere in the world. Our team has traveled across Europe, China, and the US with our shoes, and all you get is a bunch of excited security officers wanting to take a picture of them.

1. Harvesting hemp plants

Most plants used for hemp fabric are harvested with a specially developed machine. 

2. Retting

The fibers are separated from the bark and are then allowed to rest in the field for 4-6 weeks.

3. Carding into strands

The separated bast fibers are then carded into strands and are cleaned to remove impurities.

4. Pulping, matting, or steam

Manufacturers may use pulping to produce paper products, matting to make fleeces, or steam explosion to render raw hemp into a wearable fiber.

5. Weaving into textile

Hemp is ready to be spun into yarn and woven into a textile.

At 8000Kicks, they're traveling the globe looking for the right growers of Hemp to guarantee a premium fabric that was not only strong, flexible, and durable, but also splash proof and dustproof.

durable hemp shoes


"Last summer I bought a pair of these
Last summer I bought a pair of these, and I was very satisfied: they were comfortable (the break-in period took some time, but after that they were great)
and everything else I was looking for in a sneaker was there: natural/recycled materials, water resistance... The only thing I didn't really like was hole in the bottom part,
because it was like a magnet for small rocks that always stucked in it. And yes, they were a bit expensive for me.

Sadly, after some time I noticed a hole on the left sneaker - it could be a manufacturing defect, because it happened on the same spot (left upper part) I noticed looked a bit strange
from day one, it's just that I didn't pay much attention to it. Anyway, after contacting their support, they were honest about it - they
said it shouldn't have happened, and that they are still finding the best way to work with hemp - and they offered me a replacement.

So, they sent me a V2 free of charge (second version of the sneaker - didn't expect it to be honest :). I just got them today.

The hole in the bottom part is not there anymore on this version. It really wasn't a big deal but it was pretty frustrating sometimes. The most important thing is that they are super comfortable, light-weight and nice looking - all that using hemp and recycled rubber :)

As I said, they were pretty expensive for me, but I just felt projects/things like these should be supported.

And I'm glad I did."

"Fantastic customer service
The shoes i ordered were absolutely lovely and I could tell the quality was excellent. Unfortunately I had to return them as they were too small and as they are no half sizes I didn't exchange. The customer service dealing with the return and refund was absolutely first rate! One of the best customer experiences I've had in a long time. So even though I've ended up without a pair of shoes I can still really recommend shopping with them."

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