The 9 Best Bathroom Accessories That Double As Decor

The 9 Best Bathroom Accessories That Double As Decor

Decorating your home is your chance to show off your personality everywhere. Each room makes its own statement, so as you choose a theme, you get to pick multiple styles.

When it comes to the bathroom, though, we tend to leave it until the last minute. It’s not fun to splash decor in a room where moisture and humidity ruin the good stuff. Not only that, but limited space means you have to maximize what you put in there. 

It is possible to decorate and accessorize at the same time, though. With these nine bathroom accessories, your room can look stylish and be functional at the same time!


1. Bamboo Accessories

There are several accessories that are must-haves in a bathroom. Your shower mat, garbage can, and toothpaste holder are just a few of them.

They are different products, but they all have something in common: they come in bamboo styles.

Bamboo is a material that has recently become trendy because of its many benefits. It also makes some of the softest clothes and linens you’ve ever felt. In the bathroom, however, it plays a starring role in other ways.

Bamboo shower mats also prevent mildew buildup. Unpleasant wet cotton smells are common with cloth mats, too.

Bathroom accessories made of bamboo look nice and are durable enough to hold up against water. They’re stain- and mildew-resistant, too. Even better, bamboo mats prevent water buildup and damage to your floors.

2. Bath Salts and Bombs

You’ve probably heard of bath salts and bombs, but if you’ve never used one, you don’t know what all the hype is about.

These little accessories pack a big punch. If you like to take baths, one soak in a tub with a bath bomb or bath salt levels up the time you spend relaxing.

When you use a bomb or salt bath with medicinal properties, like Epsom salt, you get incredible benefits. These small but powerful dissolvable products boost circulation, relieve muscle pain, and get rid of toxins. They can also promote mental clarity and relaxation.

To use these goodies as decor, line your shelf or caddy with bath bombs that have designer labels. Their myriad colors look good, and the labels enhance the view.

3. Scented Candles

Aromatherapy is gaining popularity as a legitimate way to manage stress and pain. People have used certain herbs and spices for their medicinal benefits for millennia. 

Those herbs and spices are now available in candles that offer a soothing mix of ambiance and aroma. Some of the most popular therapeutic scents include:

  • Clary sage for relaxation and anxiety relief

  • Eucalyptus for congestion relief and as a natural decongestant

  • Ginger to relieve nausea and digestive issues

  • Lavender to calm the mind and encourage restful sleep

  • Lemon for mental clarity and stress relief

Choose the scents you want and find matching candles. Keep them in your bathroom to use instead of overhead lighting. The scent and darkness are soothing and stress-relieving.

4. Shelving Units

Short on storage space? A small shelving unit that looks sleek and stylish does double duty as decor.

Ladder shelves are trending now. They take up less vertical space and angle outward more so you can put baskets on the flat surfaces. 

If you’re low on space, a corner shelving unit might be the solution. They angle into the room’s tiny niches to make the most of your available space without being in the way.

Or there’s always the traditional, handy over-the-toilet standing shelves. With all the varieties of this kind of unit available, you will easily find one that fits where you need it.

5. Shower Curtain and Linens

Your shower curtain is probably the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom.

By choosing a curtain that is stylish and pleasing to you, you make fair use of this must-have accessory. 

The linens you use for your towels, washcloths, and bath mats don’t have to match exactly. But you should pull out similar colors or patterns.

6. Bathroom Amenities

You know when you stay at a hotel, they leave little toiletries in the bathroom for you? Well, you can do something similar in your home for your guests.

Whether it’s your bathroom or a spare, there are some things that you can display in the space to add a tranquil touch.

Think about what you’d like to have if you stayed at someone else’s house for a night or two. You might appreciate things like a bathroom scale, a comfy robe, slippers, and an assortment of travel-size toiletries.

Your guests will love that you went all out to make them feel welcome when you spruce up the bathroom like this.

7. Magazine/Toilet Paper Holders

The tradition of keeping books and magazines in a bathroom has all but disappeared with cell phones, but it’s a quaint pastime that has value. If you have some timeless moisture- and humidity-proof books or magazines, keep them in a magazine holder next to your toilet.

On the other side or nearby, store a matching toilet paper holder with refills. It looks nice and comes in handy!

8. Decorative Towels

Towels are a must-have in every bathroom. But cheaply made towels can fall apart fast. If you can find affordable varieties, it’s a significant investment to buy better-made linens.

There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in fluffy, soft, extra-large towels after a shower. Make sure to find some that complement your shower curtain and linens.

9. Floating Shelves

Bathroom walls are often bare. You can’t hang up artwork unless it’s water- and humidity-proof, but you can hang shelves.

Floating shelves in a bathroom are the perfect place to put a plant or use as linen storage. Just make sure they’re in your reach so you can wipe them down occasionally. Mold and mildew build up fast in these small, damp places!


Decorating the bathroom doesn’t have to be a drag. You can accessorize with the things you need in there and still make it look stylish.

Use these tips to design a room where everything is at your fingertips and that you enjoy being in, too!

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Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at Broadstone 25 One 20 with five years of property management experience and many more in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community and looks forward to making Broadstone 25 One 20  the place to call home

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