9 Pixie Cut Ideas That You Cannot Go Wrong With

9 Pixie Cut Ideas That You Cannot Go Wrong With

With A Pixie Cut, You Are Guaranteed To Stand Out In The Crowd

A pixie cut is one of the shortest and boldest haircuts for women. With its extremely short sides and back and a little longer top, it makes heads turn. If you are here for a portion of the inspiration for your next mind-blowing haircut, you have come to the right place. The following guide includes a pixie idea for everyone, unbelievably short and relatively long, straight and curly, simple and elaborate. No matter what style you are going to choose, you can rest assured that you will look stunning.

What Does A Pixie Cut Mean?

A pixie cut comes in many shapes and styles, which our website LoveHairStyles have undeniable evidence of. So, this name can be applied to many different hair looks. However, all of them feature short sides and back with a top left a bit longer. A bang or fringe is optional. Though, if you go for it, you will be able to create a myriad of various styles.

Trendy Pixie Cut Hair Looks You Will Fall In Love With

So that it would be easier for you to pick out a perfect pixie haircut, below you can find the selection of the most popular and fashionable pixies existing. According to LoveHairStyles, explore it carefully and choose the look that expresses your personality best.


A Short Layered Pixie For Thin Hair

Ladies who have thin locks often shy away from a pixie haircut thinking that it is going to enhance the scarcity of their hair pattern. However, they do not realize how much they are missing out on. Just make sure to add layers to your pixie and it will look as if you have a full head of hair even though it is so short.

A Pixie With An Undercut Fade

So, you are saying that a pixie haircut looks utterly bold? What if we say that you can make it look even bolder? Complement it with an undercut fade on the back and sides. Not only will it take the top of your head to the center stage but it will also make the look high contrast and pronounced. As a bonus, styling will take you just a couple of minutes or even less.

A Pixie Cut For Curly Hair

According to LoveHairStyles, there is no such a hair texture that a pixie haircut would not work for. With that in mind, curly hair girls who love to be in the center of attention should definitely go for this cut. A curly pixie comes out stylish and defined, especially if you give the curl more emphasis with a bit of a product.

A Longer Pixie Haircut

While a pixie suggests cutting your hair short, the length may actually vary. If you are not fond of overly exposing haircuts, then you may like an elongated pixie cut. It does not mean that your hair is going to fall below your shoulders. It is not even chinned length. Just half an inch longer on the sides and top.

Side Parted Pixie

Are you in search of a short haircut that you would be able to wear to work? A pixie will work just fine. To give it a formal and professional appearance, define your pixie haircut with a side part. In addition to giving you a smart and elegant look, it enhances the features of your face.

Sleek Pixie Haircut

Another great option that would look good not only in the office environment but also at a fancy event is a slicked pixie. Despite the common misbelief, it will look feminine and sophisticated. So, do not hesitate to accompany it with a dress and bold makeup look.

Hair Design On A Pixie Cut

To add a personalized touch to your pixie haircut, adorn it with a unique hair design. We will not lie to you, it requires regular upkeeps. However, the result is definitely worth the effort. From simple lines to intricate patterns, you are offered many amazing options.

Now that you have the most daring and edgy pixie cut ideas, you can pick out the look that will become the talk of the town. So, have you already booked an appointment with your hairstylist? If not, we do not know what you are waiting for.

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