A Exogun Review: The Ultimate Percussive Massage Therapy Device

A Exogun Review: The Ultimate Percussive Massage Therapy Device

About Exogun

Exogun is a website which allows users to create and share flash games. It currently offers this service for free, but it will be entering closed beta soon where players will need to pay to access the site's features. This wiki article will guide you through all of the features and uses of Exogun and its sister sites: exoGame and exoCMS.

Exogun has many functions available via its website that allow you to manipulate your game however you like without ever needing to go into any coding. You can upload custom graphics, export code snippets from Flash to use in your own projects, or even import your entire existing SWF files to them using Exogun's Code ange.

You can also export your game to the .exe format, meaning that you can upload it to a website and share it with others without requiring them to download anything.

Exogun Overview


Exogun is a site that allows you to create your own custom gun, and fire it in a virtual reality setting.

- There are over 60 different categories of massage guns of Exogun, allowing for endless possibilities to customize your personal weapon.

- In addition, there are many accessories that can be added to each category - silencers, bipods, high caliber magazines - anything that can be imagined has been implemented into this site!

- Upgrades such as scopes and extended barrels have been included as well. All upgrades come with their own unique stats which allow you to choose how your gun will function in the game.

Outstanding Features of Exogun

Exogun - is a next-generation project management app which was released officially sometime back. The app is currently available on iOS platform with plans to launch it on Android market as well soon. The application has been designed by experienced professionals, who have also worked on earlier projects of same genre.

The features offered by the Exogun are what differentiate it from other applications available in this category like Trello, Pivotal Tracker etc. It allows users to take advantage of certain interesting features like Gantt chart feature, issue tracking feature and latest addition i.e assignee management feature to ensure that the task is completed within right time constraints and all stakeholders updated about progress through reports.

Its Gantt chart feature provides a visual overview of project and its progress in form of graphs to stakeholders and it is highly useful for large-scale companies or companies with geographically spread teams. Using this feature everyone can stay up-to-date about the current status and make changes accordingly in their respective task completion schedules.

The app also allows users to add comments and checklists to tasks. Exogun's assignee management feature ensures that only right person is assigned with each task so that work does not get duplicated by different people working on same project simultaneously. Thus it helps avoid any unnecessary confusion among multiple team members, all of them being remote employees.

Exogun Discounts and Coupons

The application is easy to use and has been designed specifically for both IOS and Android platforms. It can be used on multiple devices like mobiles, pads or computers (through web app) with the help of single login credential. For Android users, there are official apps available for download from Google Play Store which makes it convenient to access work-related data while on move.

There are various ways by which you can avail discounts and deals on Exogun. Most of these special offers are available online only so people should be able to take advantage of them properly.

Exogun Customer Service

The most trusted source for Exogun Customer Service. At exogun, we have a customer-oriented approach and this is reflected in our support desk system, the most effective way to get in touch with us. We offer a continuously fast increasing array of useful features such as: Live Chat, Email Support and more. Our popular chat host is currently offline but you can also contact us via email.

Exogun FAQs

Exogun is an open source free software.

However, its documentation isn't as good as some other free softwares. There are times where it's hard to figure out how to use certain features or settings of Exogun. This FAQ aims to fix these issues by addressing possible questions.

Here are frequently asked questions about Exogun that get frequently answered over and over again in different places.

1. How do I change the preset on the main screen?

There are two ways to access presets. The first way is by clicking the wrench tool, which open up a menu of settings related to your file. You can click on "Preset" to switch between presets. The second way is by opening up preset manager (a soft key on the top of the screen) and then press next until you see your desired preset. As of version 0.7 this method was added to avoid having 2 buttons for switching presets on each side of the menu bar

2. I can't resize or move my document in 3D space?

This is because you're pressing the shift key when clicking and dragging. Pressing shift when resizing does not allow Exogun to capture your dimensions, so it tries to keep it in proportion. However, pressing shift when moving allows Exogun to render correctly.

3. How do I set up a node tree for an object? Or how do I make custom nodes?

The best way to get started with designing your own node tree is by checking out this page. It has lots of information on what different nodes are used for and general tips on good settings to use.

Exogun How to Contact


Exogun is online game that was released on July 5, 2015. Created by the developers of the original EndWar Online (which was bought by Kingsisle Entertainment, creators of Wizard101 and Pirate101).

The game is free-to-play, meaning there are no monthly fees, but you may purchase items for real money.

The game has 2 factions: The Resistance & the Union. You can switch between them at any time without penalty or cost however your progress will be reset if you do so with the exception of character names.

Your faction choice does not dictate what content you can access in Exogun; all modes are open to all players regardless of faction preference.

Find More Exogun  Product Brand

The famous Exogun, invented by John McManus in 2005 , had its technology stolen by the Japanese, who turned it against America for their own nation's ends. Now it is used to mow down innocent civilians all across the world. Why would they do this? Where did they get such a dangerous machine? And what can be done to stop them before there are no survivors left alive on the face of the planet Earth?

To answer these questions, one must look at how events escalated into today's desperate crisis. One must go back to where it all started --- back to when John was still experimenting on his prototype Exogun, way back in 2005.

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