A Perfect Blonde To Play A Younger Elle? Ava Phillippe Is Clearly Made For The Part

A Perfect Blonde To Play A Younger Elle? Ava Phillippe Is Clearly Made For The Part

Fans were thrilled to hear that a prequel series for Legally Blonde is in the works, focusing on Elle Woods' high school years before she headed to Harvard. One big question is who could possibly fill Reese Witherspoon's shoes in playing the iconic character of Elle. It seems Wieherspoon may have found the perfect young Elle already - her own daughter, Ava Phillippe!

At 24, Ava is right around the age that would make sense to portray a high school Elle Woods. But more than just being the right age, it's hard to deny the strong resemblance Ava shares with her famous mother. Everyone knows Reese Witherspoon completely embodied Elle with her charismatic performance. Having Ava in the role of a younger Elle would really help audiences suspend disbelief that they're watching the same character's origin story.

While Ava hasn't acted professionally yet, she's no stranger to the entertainment industry given who her parents are. But she's been building her career around modeling so far. Ava has scored big campaigns with brands like Ivy Park. Her strikingly similar looks to a young Reese often have people doing double takes.

Stepping into her mother's iconic role would be a perfect way for Ava to make her on-screen debut. And who better to play a younger version of Reese's most memorable character?

Ava Phillippe seems like the totally logical and really exciting choice to take on the role of a teenage Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde prequel series. Fans will be eager to see if she ends up signing on for the part.

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