[A Special Review] Enjuku Racing - Bringing You Nissan Aftermarket Parts & More

[A Special Review] Enjuku Racing - Bringing You Nissan Aftermarket Parts & More

About Enjuku Racing

Nowadays Enjukus Racing website has everything you can imagine right at your fingertips! Enjuku Racing Site Review: Features Enjukus website has a parts and accessories directory with listings for Enjukus own line of performance products as well as products from other companies. Enjakus site also has the latest Enjuku Racing news, an active forum and pictures of Enjukus cars and motorsports activities. Enjukus site even has information on how to become a member of Enjukus racing team!

Enjuku Racing Overview

The Enjuku Racing crew has been setting records and improving on their already renowned "Zoom Daddy" drift car since 2003, when it was first built. The Enjuku Racing team uses a 2002 Nissan 350z (Z33) chassis in the competition scene and they have set records over 85 ft in the quarter mile with this vehicle.

The Enjuku racing team works with AEM Electronics to produce an aftermarket computer that is used in conjunction with Enjuku's custom ECU software to add extra power and add features such as launch control. Enjukus' Zoom Daddy drift machine makes upwards of 800 horsepower at the wheels and runs 4 second quarter miles!

Top Features of Enjuku



Enjuku Racing is a company that manufactures Enjuku v3, Enjuku v4 and Enjuku v7 mods for racing video games such as Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series. Enjukus have been under development for over 10 years now, so they don't only benefit GTA IV players, but also those of San Andreas as well as RAGE. The Enjukus will not only increase your speed and grip on the road, but it can also help you gain control by reducing the effects of EMPs and plane crashes.

Enjuku Racing modders use complex algorithms to design these Enjukus (it usually takes about 2-6 weeks per version) they're available for download at Enjuku-Racing mod site Enjuku-Racing . Enjukus are designed to be easily installed. Enjukus can also be updated when new patches come out, so you should always have the latest Enjuku available to use with your these racing games.

Enjuku Discounts and Coupons

Now Enjuku Racing offers coupons to save your money when you shopping online at Enjuku website. Enjuku Racing coupon codes and vouchers are one of our goals that we aim to help people finding the best value without wasting too much time searching for it.

Enjaku coupon codes can be used all products including Superchargers, Turbo Chargers, Exhausts, ECU Chips (Engine Control Unit), Brakes Kits (Disc Pads & Rotors) , Suspensions Kits (Sway bars, Strut bars), Enjuku Racing make you be easy to find Enjuku coupons. Enjukuracing has online store, mobile store and mall store for customer, Enjuku Racing Shipping Policy Enjaku said that at Enjakuracing shipping fee is free for orders over $99.

Enjakuracing Return Policy Enjukuracing have 60 days return policy , Enjuakuracing customer service phone number is 866-322-5542 .

Enjuku Customer Service

Enjuku Racing is one of the biggest names in aftermarket parts. They offer over 3,000 different products from several manufacturers, including HKS, Volk, and now Enkei wheels. Enjuku Racing has a wide array of executive customer service options to ensure that their customers are happy with the product they receive. Enjuku Racing offers multiple ways to contact them either through email, phone support or even live chat services on their website.

Enjuku Racing FAQs

Enjuku Racing is a tuning company that was founded in 1990 by Enjukue Eiji in Japan. Enjukue Eiji began Enjuku Racing in his garage with just two other employees, but has since grown into one of the most popular tuning companies for Mitsubishi's in Japan (Enjukue Eiji, personal interview).

Enjuku Racing started out selling Enkei Wheels, but soon expanded to selling full Blitz body kits, suspension products, and more recently performance parts. Enjuku Racing also has many different branches specializing on different makes; you can find information on Enjuku USA (which specializes on American sports cars like Mustangs), Enkou Sport (which specializes on European sports cars like the Porsche 911), Enjuku Racing (which specializes on Japanese sports cars like the Nissan Skyline and 350Z Enjukue Eiji, personal interview).

Enjuku Racing also has a branch in England called Enjuku Racing Europe. Enjuku Racing is known for their Blitz body kits; these can be found on a wide variety of makes and models from Mitsubishi's all the way to American muscle cars such as Mustangs Enjukue Eiji, personal interview).

How to Contact Enjuku Racing


Want Enjuku Racing official merchandise without having to go through Enjuku Racing? Enjin has made it easy for you with these Enjuku Racing contact details.

Enjin supports through their extensive website network of what is likely over a million websites and more than 20 million users. Enjukuracing.com has an official Enjin shop that's not on the main site and requires contacting them on Enjin first.

To get more Enjuku Racing items, news, and other related information, please contact them via:

Find More Enjuku Racing Product Brand

Enjuku Racing is well known for producing high quality racing products such as coil overs, exhausts and parts like Enjuku Racing - Coil over Damper Set Universal (Red). Enjuku Racing was founded in 2001 and specializes in suspension components for popular Japanese performance cars. For Enjuku racing product reviews visit Enjuku racing blog. Enjuku racing offers a full line of custom street and racing suspension systems to suit all your import car needs.

Suspension components from Enjuku racing are made from the highest quality materials so you can be confident that every Enjoined system will hold up to whatever you can dish out on the road or at the track. They use only the best stainless steel and aircraft-quality aluminum alloys to produce Enjuku racing products, and Enjuku Racing - Coilover Damper Set Universal (Red) is no exception.

Enjuku Racing prides itself on the quality of its products, which has been recognized by racers around the world.

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