Advantages Of Cable TV Over Streaming Services6

Advantages Of Cable TV Over Streaming Services6

Cable TV vs Streaming Services


While most people believe that streaming is the future, it is a hard-hitting fact that cable will always be the number one source of entertainment. In 2018, we saw how cable started declining incessantly, however, after hitting rock bottom cable networks have started picking up the pieces.

Cable television is exploring new areas and we might be able to experience virtual reality TV shows sometime soon. Media networks are making an honest effort to resume their position as America’s favorite entertainment solution and audiences are rewarding them as well.

This article highlights the reasons why cable TV is still better than streaming services.

  1. Extensive CHANNEL LINEUP

Cable TV has a broad arrangement of your favorite channels ensuring that you are engaged at all times. Regardless of whether you are like Ross and want to watch Animal Planet all day long or resonate with Rachel, and are more inclined towards MTV, you can get access to all genres on cable television. Cable TV is somewhat of a treat for all family members. Cable TV, especially, saves you if you live in a large household where everyone has different tastes.

Many people believe that such an extensive channel count can only be accessed by paying hundreds of dollars, however, that is not all true. There are cable providers that offer affordable and accessible cable plans for every household. If you are interetest in exploring, then take a look at Optimum TV packages, offering more than 255 channels in its base plan at the most reasonable rates.

  1. Increased number of watchable content

There is no doubt that the more the channels, the more the content. Media networks like Warner Media, NBC Universal, and Viacom CBS have played a great part in our sanity today with shows like The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Office (U.S.), and many others. Even on streaming services, these shows are the ones that are being watched the most.

In the year 2020 when everyone was stuck in their homes, the most-watched show on streaming services was The Office (U.S.) and so it shows that with such great originals of streaming services, the classic cable TV is still ruling the viewers’ hearts.

  1. ACCESS TO LIVE Content

News and sports are the genres that need to be consumed live. There is no point in watching both these genres after they have been aired live – it is like eating a week-old cereal bowl, it does not make sense, right?

The joy that you feel when Manchester United makes the winning goal in a live match is unmatchable and watching afterward just does not justify the glory of the moment. The same goes with news – political debates, talk shows, real-time journalism just does not wait for people to google them and so if you cannot watch them live, it is a moo point (as Joey calls it) to watch them afterward.

We know that several online live streaming platforms have come into service. However, did you know that through these live platforms, you get fewer channels for more money? Well, now you do know!

In order to maintain the budget, you would have to forfeit a number of your favorite channels but the question is why compromise when you can have it all? Just something for you to think about.

  1. Familiarization with the service

Being familiar with something sure brings a sense of comfort. With cable TV, all of us have an innate association. Planning and even billing procedure of cable have been something that we have been clear about since ever and so it brings out a feeling of trust. Moreover, since cable companies started supplying us with internet and phone services as well, the ease has increased exponentially.

  1. NO extra charges

Switching to streaming does not come as easy as one might think. You need superfast internet, a streaming device, and a subscription to streaming platforms. All three things require you to spend a lot of money. This is just not the case with cable service. All you need is good old-fashioned television and viola, you are ready to be entertained.

The only additional fee that you might have to pay is for a DVR box and it totally depends on you whether you are keen on getting one as it is not a necessity at all.

The Final thoughts

The choice to remain with your cable providers is entirely yours. In the event that you feel more comfortable with streaming platforms, you should subscribe to them. However, if you are doubtful, you should evaluate your needs first and then make an educated decision.


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