Review Angelus Direct Leather Paint

Review Angelus Direct Leather Paint

I am a huge fan of DIY items and when I found my leather purse got faded and not smooth as the initial use, I decided to make something new and special by myself. I remembered when I want to google box and search for something interesting. After about an hour seeking out on the internet, I stumbled across Angelus Direct leather paint review which is absolutely perfect for my design. What I like about Angelus Direct is that it would be able to flex with the leather, not going to clothes while using, and have a great color combination.

Angelus Direct Leather Paint

I know that someone finds that hard to get their favorite paint review. Hope this review will help you out if you having no idea what should buy.
I think you should not skip it since my purse has worn a new look and had positive compliments.
They offer high-quality leather paint making it easy to use and available in a range of bright, vague colors. If you want it to get some extra shimmer, you can mix the metallic shades with standard colors. The colors come in 1 oz bottles of 29.5 ml.

At first, I was quite worried if I ruined my purse but fortunately, I didn’t. Instead, I would say that the paint is very good at holding up from no chips, cracks, color transfers or change in colors. The paint bends and flexes with perfectly specificated leather, and it’s very simple because it’s acrylic.
The paint is a non-toxic and waterbased easy cleanup is a plus point that I really love.

Below are some comments from other users that I have collected on my social profile:

Here below are some comments from other users that I have rouned up on my channel:
“ the color is matching the photo flawlessly and color itself isn’t rubbing off or cracking. great!” – Marceline

“I will buy some kits so that I can design many more enjoyable things” – Alexander Grin

“Now I’m a big fan of Angelus Direct. They come in this cute box” – Celinas


To be honest, this was the first time I use Angelus Direct products and services and just by coincident, good things are easy to find. I highly recommend you to try Angelus Direct products once then you can have your own decision to continue or not support them.

Overall: 8/10

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