Subtle Sprays: How To Apply Cologne The Right Way

Subtle Sprays: How To Apply Cologne The Right Way


Chances are, you spray cologne without thinking. Wearing cologne has become an essential aspect of a man's life. Fragrances have historically always been used for us to make a statement.

But have you ever thought about the best way to apply cologne?

While you might be tempted to spray as much as possible all over your body, this is not the ideal method. You want to make an impression without being overbearing.

We've put together this guide to teach you how to apply cologne properly.

The Guide on How To Apply Cologne

Before you learn the best ways to apply cologne, you should first set aside a budget for your colognes. You should have several colognes on different occasions.

One that we recommend is the Hugo Boss Dark Blue — which works for different occasions and is incredibly versatile.

Here's what you need to know about applying cologne:

1. Prepare Yourself

The first step is to prepare your body for applying cologne. You should apply cologne after you have showered or bathed yourself.

You should wash your face and your body. Afterward, be sure to moisturize. Apply lotion over your body. If you use any facial creams make sure you apply this before applying cologne.

2. Initial Application

Once you have prepared your body, you are ready for the initial application of the cologne. Hold the spray at least four inches away from your body.

You have to first apply it to the 'pulse points.' This includes your neck, your wrists, and behind your ears. Spray twice on each of these pulse points. If the cologne has a strong smell (such as musk) then one spray will suffice.

3. Additional Application

If you decide to put additional sprays of your cologne, you must first let your initial application settle. Wait for a minute after you apply a cologne before you apply for a second application.

As with the first application, do not exceed two sprays. Applying one spray should be sufficient for most men. 

4. Non-Spray Bottled or Vial Cologne

If your cologne comes in a bottle or vial that doesn't have a spray, there is a different technique to apply it.

As with spray cologne, you should wash and moisturize yourself first. Place your wrist on the top of the bottle or vial's spout. Then turn it over so that the cologne can rest on your wrist.

Use your wrist to keep the cologne on your wrist. Use your finger from the opposite to apply the cologne on your pulse points. Gently dab the cologne on your pulse points. Only a few dabs are needed to meet your needs.

Make sure you don't overwhelm your pulse points with cologne. Take the time to place an adequate amount of cologne on your pulse points.

You also want to make sure you don't rub your cologne. A gentle dab is sufficient. If you rub it, the smell will become overwhelming and can fade away quickly.

5. Don't Overspray

As discussed in this guide, it is imperative that you never overspray your cologne.

Often, men think that to make them smell good they need to apply as much cologne as possible. But no matter how great the smell of your cologne is, over spraying it is overwhelming.

The overbearing smell can be unpleasant to others. Even if they don't express it many people can't stand the smell of an overdose of cologne.

You also don't want to exhaust your cologne supply quickly, it doesn't hurt to be bashful with your cologne application.

6. Spray in the Right Places

As we mentioned in this guide, you should only spray your cologne on your pulse points. You will see many men spraying their cologne on their chest, on their scalp, and elsewhere that is unnecessary.

No doubt, these men do it to wear off the odor all over their bodies. For example, on a hot day, a man may experience sweat on his head. But alleviating this using cologne is the wrong idea. You should use deodorant or wash your head.

For other parts of your body that are susceptible to odor, use natural soap and water to keep it clean and fresh.

You should also stick to the same cologne for all of your pulse points. Do not experiment with different colognes on any given occasion - stick to one per occasion.

7. Spray When Appropriate

It takes time for a cologne to be absorbed by your skin. Therefore, if you are meeting friends in a restaurant you shouldn't spray your cologne just before entering the restaurant.

It's better to spray it just before you leave your home. If you have taken a shower and moisturized, spray it then - even if it takes another half an hour before you leave for the restaurant.

You also don't want to spray several times a day. If you go out during the day and are coming home in the evening, only to go back later at night - you shouldn't add cologne again until just before you leave for the night.

8. Maintain Your Cologne

This is what most men neglect to do. For your cologne to retain its quality, it must be maintained. For example, if your cologne is exposed to bright light or sunlight, it can lose its scent. Exposure to air can lower the cologne's oxidation.

You should always keep the cap on the bottle. If it has a spray, don't toss away the cap for the sake of ease. You should keep the cologne in a dark room at room temperature. If you have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom or a drawer then this is the best place for it.

If you carry pocket cologne vials, make sure they are always kept back when not in use. It is not wise to always keep these vials tucked away in your pockets.

Scent of a Man

Now that you know the rules of how to apply cologne, you are ready to make a statement with your scent! Be sure to shop around and find the best colognes for you.

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