Best Apps For Watching Movies

Best Apps For Watching Movies

Now in this age of streaming, the people do not have a huge collection of movies. In this era of technology when the internet is accessible to everyone then who needs to collect the movies in their homes. A number of movie streaming apps are quite popular. The world has switched to the digital collection only and needs a huge amount of space as the movie can probably take up 2 GB of storage space. If you want to watch the best movies online then check the list of the best apps for watching movies.



It is a popular option for watching movies online. The app arranges the TV shows, movies, and viral videos into different sections to make browsing easier. The section of movies is divided into various categories such as horror, drama, most popular, action, staff picks, and much more. The popular films are available on the Popcornflixapp so you can be well aware of the trending movies. This app is ad-sponsored but the ads are really short and do not detract from the viewing experience. The Popcornflix is compatible with Apple TV, Android, Roku, and iPhone.


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Many movies app require a login account. If you are tired to sign up for the services then this movie app is for you. You can watch the movies as a guest or create an account. The films are offered in high quality and there is no chance to lose quality due to compression. There are many older films on Tubi but you can find various new films also. The movies are divided into categories and you can take the benefit of an extensive breakdown of films in a variety of sections.


Vudu provides you many ads supported movies that can be enjoyed for free. Although there are certain things that you need to consider using this app. You have to log in to watch the free movies and sometimes movies may move off the service. But the interesting feature is that they add the new movies regularly. You will never be run out of the films as a variety of films are available to entertain you anytime.


It is one of the most convenient sources to search for the movies. This free movie app has an interesting feature that is many fee movies are not available on this app so Yidio points you towards the other free movie apps that you can use to watch the movie online for free. This catalog is gigantic and sums the content from the other movie apps as well. There are also some paid movies and subscription movies. But the app manages the movies efficiently, and you can find thousands of movies to watch.

Sony crackle

Sony Pictures is well known in the film industry and if we talk about watching free movies online then Sony Crackle is the perfect option. It contains the best collection of movies such as the old classics and new hit movies. The movie player is easy to use and works smoothly. The free movies available are ad-supported and you have to watch some ads. The ads are however not too intrusive and you can easily enjoy the content. This app also allows you to watch TV shows online.


The people looking for entertaining films or family-friendly films, Snag Films is the best-suited option for them. It provides many streaming services to the people. You can also enjoy a wide range of documentaries and movies. This movie app sorted the movies into various categories such as Filmanthropy, Climate Change & the Environment, and Refugee & Immigrant Stories. The people that are fond of great documentaries and classic films are recommended to use this app. It is one of the best apps with less frequency of ads.

Pluto TV

This movie app is one of the most feature-rich free apps. It has so many features but still has a simple user interface. When you open the Pluto TV app, firstly you are greeted with the free dedicated channels with a tab for free TV shows and movies. It also contains live channels and you will be able to watch free movies as they play. A variety of other content will free TV channels are also available. The movie player is very clean and nice and subtitles are provided for many free movies. Sign in to customize Pluto TV and watch the movies without any cost.

Film Rise

This movie app offers free movies and TV with limited interruption of ads. It is one of its features that attract people to use this app. Like the other movie apps, you can scroll through the category heavy home screen. In case you want to explore another way then the browse button directly permits you to filter between TV, movies, and recently added titles. It also offers the inbuilt trending list so you can be aware of what other people are watching. During browsing, you can select any title and can add to the watch list. The catalog of this app is filled mostly with the older movies and the occasional new titles thrown in to mix with the old ones.


It is a free movie app and suitable for any media device. Apart from providing free movies and TV, you can also watch the news, podcasts, and web shows. To use this app it is mandatory to link the accounts before you start watching online. It offers a basic search engine and you need to try various titles to find what you see. Plex also helps in the exploration also remembers where you left off on various titles and you can easily continue to watch the movie online.


A new age OTT service provider with state-of-the-art-video live streaming solutions. This platform offers customized advertising options by offering brands and individuals to showcase their rich video content. This gives complete autonomy to monitor and analyze their activities from an intelligent dashboard. It is also one of the most secure video streaming platforms of the industry as it safeguards your video content seriously and has thus integrated Blockchain Technology for complete safety. Using smart contracts, Phando brings a bunch of benefits to a highly fragmented media industry. It also offers an innovative way to cut back and re-circulate values worth billions of dollars held in custody by piracy.

So check out these best apps for watching movies. The features of all the apps are discussed that will assist you to choose the perfect option to watch the movies. Enjoy the movies and have fun.



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