Ariana Grande's Retro Runway Bob Wins Our Hearts

Ariana Grande's Retro Runway Bob Wins Our Hearts

As someone with an appreciation for bold beauty switches, I was beyond thrilled to see Ariana Grande debuting a dramatic hair evolution. Dropping her signature blonde bombshell look for a caramel chestnut color and sharp chin-skimming cut, she reminded us that reinvention is always in season.

With it being a music video reveal, I knew we'd soon be back to her long chocolate locks. But for those few jaw-dropping moments, Ari owned the '70s vibe with her swingy shaggy style. The bell-bottom bounce perfectly paired with her character's sultry costume and brought that retro realness.

With its face-framing layers and flicky ends, her brunette bob was an instant hit amongst her devoted followers. The warmer hue highlighted her features in a soft, romantic light as well. Ari's transformative talents truly know no bounds!

While her platinum ponytails will hopefully return before long, I can't help wishing she'd adopt this look IRL too. The shorter length showed off her beauty from new angles and had me reminiscing about the power players of that pulsing period. Only a rare star can rock a trend so totally.

Ari remains the queen of unexpected elegance in everything she does. This runway-worthy reinvention reminded us that with her magic, bobs and blonde aren't the only avenues to style supremacy. Viva vintage vibes, Miss Grande - you wear them so well!

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