ATTITUDE Reviews: Clean For A Happy House

ATTITUDE Reviews: Clean For A Happy House


Founded in 2005, ATTITUDE is dedicated to reducing ingredients of concern in homes by giving families the tools to enjoy healthier lives. Based in Canada, They were built on innovation and imagination: natural personal care and household products of the highest quality, with the lowest impact on our families and the planet.
Cleaning and caring for products are an important part of a healthy life. Many household and personal care products contain legally tolerated amounts of cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens, and endocrine disruptors.ATTITUDE is a reliable brand without them.

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ATTITUDE launched with eight household cleaning products in 2006. Today, it has grown to 250 offerings across Bath & Body, Baby & Kids, Household, and Pet Care, with new lines emerging with each epiphany.

All of their products are made with natural, plant- and mineral-based ingredients that have the least impact on our families and the planet. These clean ingredients are developed with EWG’s strictest standards in mind: free of cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens endocrine disruptors, and other ingredients of concern. their products are also ECOLOGO Certified, hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Customer reviews

Published by Nicole Sherman

Love this company! We have been extremely happy with every product we have tried. Products are effective and get the job done. We have tried many natural products and the biggest issue is they didn’t work as well…until we found this company. Not too long ago I ordered $100 worth of items and someone stole it off my porch literally 5 minutes before I got home (cameras are nice but annoying that I was that close). They replaced the order at no charge. A great and caring company with excellent products. The discount plan is also very nice (spend more = higher discount)

Published by Candice Marie

My husband and I love this company. Almost all of our household cleaners and body care products are now from attitude living. We have been extremely happy with every product we’ve tried. Prior to finding attitude, we tried a lot of other “natural” household products, but commonly found that they (a) weren’t as environmentally friendly as they claimed to be, (b) weren’t as effective as the big brands, (c) were way too overpriced to be something we could regularly repurchase, or (d) all of the above! Attitude, however, is none of the above. I believe they truly are Eco-conscious, they make very effective products that perform better than the big brands, and they are much more affordable than many natural/health food store brands.

What I would really like to see from this company now, is more development around eco-friendly packaging. The dishwasher pouches and foaming hand soap refills are definitely in the right direction! Time for more recycled packaging. Larger refill bottles for more of the hand soaps, dish soaps, laundry soaps, shampoos, etc. I feel that it is likely that many of the supporters of this company would really appreciate more development in this area.

Published by Lee Bodson

Been over a year now and all our products are now from Attitude. I have been on a mission to buy Canadian made and this was a lovely treasure I found on that hunt. All the products work great but here are a few standouts.

Stain remover: this stuff really works. It’s taken out grease and tomato sauce in white clothing. Stellar stuff
Window cleaner: not sure why it works better than most but everyone who has used it mentioned how great it is
All-purpose cleaner: another standout and works great
We also love the fabric softener and floor cleaner. Dish soap is lovely as well.

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