Autonomous Review - Outstanding Desk And Chair Supplier

Autonomous Review - Outstanding Desk And Chair Supplier


Working from home, before the pandemic, may have conjured up images of softly lit, Scandinavian-style spaces with a big, comfy chair and a tidy, spacious desk. Maybe even a coffee machine in the corner and workout space next door to make the most of your now less sociable breaks. However, the bubble has been somewhat burst for many of us, who have had to make do with clearing a space in the cramped spare room, grabbing a chair from the dining room and setting up laptops and equipment on a spare table that we squeeze our legs under in an attempt to get comfortable.

This less than ideal set up, which is the reality for many of us, has joined the burgeoning list of modern lifestyle health demons. Sitting for long periods of time, especially on a chair that was only designed to be sat on for the time it takes to eat your dinner, is making headlines as new research links it to numerous negative health consequences including back pain, diabetes and heart disease. Yet, despite our knowledge of the risks, our best intentions can go out the window when we get invested in a piece of work and emerge hours later, hunched and stiff, wondering where the time went. For this reason, innovators have been studying what exactly it is about sitting at a desk that is causing such chronic health problems, and working on clever, ergonomic designs that can offset many of these negative effects. One such company is Autonomous. From a diy standing desk to ergonomic chairs, Autonomous has lots of different products available.

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According to their website, “Autonomous is dedicated to delivering innovative products, helping people work smarter and improving their health in both the home and office. We’re committed to challenging the status quo through practical, yet creative design.”

Autonomous’s smart desks and office chairs come in different sizes and shapes to suit individual needs, but the one thing they have in common is that they are all designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. Autonomous approach the workspace as a personal space that can be fine-tuned to achieve optimal productivity and comfort by combining and arranging your essentials in the right way.

Let’s take a look at how these products are helping both home and office workers to boost their comfort and health.

Standing Desk

First, let’s consider the standing desk. With benefits including burning extra calories, increasing core strength and improving your mood and energy levels, we are in no doubt that a stand-up desk is a great addition to our lives. Autonomous offers six options, starting with the Smart Desk DIY Kit, which lets you create your own height adjustable work system  using your own table top placed atop their durable base. Not scrimping on the tech, this sturdy steel frame is powered by a smooth, silent motor that lets you adjust your station at the touch of a button. This is a great option for someone who loves the shape and size of their desk as it is, but wants the option of standing up to work without heaving volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica down from the loft to use as props.

Coming in at the higher end of the range is the Smart Desk 2. This fully adjustable standing desk is built on a sturdy sit-to-stand frame, with two size options for the desk top to accommodate a classic single computer setup or an extra large space for those with a lot of paperwork or dual monitors. Like the DIY Kit, the frame comes with a motor and this model is capable of lifting up to 300lb of tech seamlessly and safely. Autonomous also offers a l-shaped standing desk as well.

Although standing desks are touted as the future of office working, Autonomous understands that tis isn’t always practical and sometimes a seat is just what we need after a lunchtime workout or during a particularly arduous task. With some clever designs on offer, it is possible to take a seat without compromising your posture or productivity. The Ergo Chair 2 is fully customisable, offering back support and improved sitting posture that you can adjust to suit your own body. The Italian-designed tilt tension mechanism offers 360° of flexible, full-body support in any sitting position.

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Thinking of moving to standing full-time but not ready to get rid of your chair just yet? The ErgoStool prompts you to stay active and move around with freedom, but gives you the option of something to lean on should you desire a little more stability. The comfortable cushioned seat is flexible to strengthen your core and back muscles even when you are sitting on it, and the 10” height-adjustable base is weighted to prevent wobbling.

Whichever of these great designs you choose, you can rest (or stand!) assured that you’re investing in your health as well as a sleek and durable product. And with proven benefits for your mood and productivity as well as your physical fitness, you’ll be head and shoulders above the rest in no time!

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