BANGGOOD Review: Is This A Reliable Shop?

BANGGOOD Review: Is This A Reliable Shop?

It’s probably the best way to save money given the love I have for shiny gadgets and toys. But the thought of being taken for a ride scares the bejesus out of me. You probably feel the same, that’s why you’re going through some BangGood reviews to know whether it’s safe to shop at the online store.

Banggood is an online retailer based in China, with Banggood USA shipping readily available. It boasts more than 70,000 products and claims to be the “best bang for your buck.”


Smartphones and tablets go for $150 on average, and their accessories barely cross the $10 mark. Laptops and office supplies start at $50. The same goes for car headlights, LED lamps and such as accessories. Cameras, electronics, TVs and the like go for anywhere between $100 and $500

BangGood’s women’s clothes go for anywhere between $5 and $100, while women’s accessories and jewelry sell for anywhere between $1 and $50. But you may find a few items below the $1 mark and also above $100. The best selling women’s shoes are priced at $20, give or take.

Men’s clothes also sell for anywhere between $5 and $100, but you can find a few items for $200 or more. Rarely will you find men’s shoes going for less than $10 or more than $100? Men’s accessories like ties, socks, fedoras, and watches generally range from $1 to $20. You can also find men’s jewelry for as little as $5. Children’s clothing also falls within the same price range.


According to my survey, most people Banggood has earned  4 out of 5 stars. Surprisingly enough, 80% of those who left a Banggood review left them a 5-star review.

While there are many Banggood reviews that praise the quality of the products received (especially given such great prices), the most glowing Banggood reviews are actually from people who experienced trouble with their orders.

Despite receiving wrong items or missing items altogether, Banggood customers rave about how quickly and thoroughly Banggood customer service righted any and all issues.


Banggood is certified by Trustwave and McAfee Secure. McAfee further states that it has not detected any malware, malicious links, or phishing from Banggood’s website—which may put customers at ease.

Despite intense research, we could not find any serious claims regarding credit card fraud, financial scams, or banking data breaches. While not every Banggood review shows a customer walking away with a happy ending, there doesn’t seem to be evidence that the company is a financial scam.

Is Banggood safe? Yes. Is it your best online buying option? Maybe. It depends on your needs, so be sure to research all of your options before you start clicking “Add to Cart” and choosing Banggood USA shipping at will.

Happy shopping!

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