BannerBuzz Review - The #1 Choice For Custom Displays

BannerBuzz Review - The #1 Choice For Custom Displays

In 2021, around 5.4 million applications were filed for new businesses. That is the most applications filed of any year on record. With all of these new companies flowing into the market it can undoubtedly prove to be difficult to stand out from the crowd. BannerBuzz delivers an answer to this question with a wide variety of high quality custom print displays. This is a detailed look at BannerBuzz’s brand, products, and relationship to its customers. 

About BannerBuzz

Since 2009, BannerBuzz has gone from CEO Nishant Shah’s vision to create custom signage for his eco-friendly car wash to an international leader in the custom print industry. BannerBuzz is committed to fulfilling your business marketing needs, both in-store and at your event space, by providing the highest quality banners, signs, and all the other print marketing materials you can imagine. BannerBuzz’s products are utilized by a wide range of businesses and marketing professionals, including small businesses like the car wash that started it all as well as enterprise-level corporations. No matter the size of the company, BannerBuzz provides the custom print tools they need to successfully market and grow their brand.

Bannerbuzz Transforms Ideas Into One-of-a-Kind Statements

By using the latest, cutting edge print technology operated by the industry’s most highly skilled professionals, BannerBuzz delivers the largest selection of premium printed marketing materials to stock up any business or event booth’s marketing & advertising needs. With a 50,000 square feet warehouse and production facilities across the globe, they manufacture thousands of orders daily. Fully vertically integrated, the quality of this company shines through every step of the way, from the easy to use design process interface and customer service at the start of your order all the way up until it arrives at your doorstep. 

Best Selling BannerBuzz Products

BannerBuzz boasts over 5,000 products spread across a wide variety of categories. A quick and effective process that begins the moment you land on the homepage allows them to deliver your order on time with printed precision. Now let’s take a moment to learn about what makes BannerBuzz’s top selling items marketing must-haves.

Banner Stands

One would assume that the product that is BannerBuzz’s namesake would be a bestseller… and it is. There are, however, many reasons why this marketing tool has stood the test of time. These banner stands are multifaceted, perfect for any offline advertising. They display your banners at a raised level to generate optimal visibility. The banner stands are available in different layouts, such as X-stands, L-shape stands, Silverstep floor stands, and tabletop stands, all with stylish designs that will attract anyone to your storefront or other event location. Pair with their fully customized banners sporting high quality, full-color graphics, and you have the ideal pair of attention grabbers.

Step & Repeats       

If you’re looking for a reliable display at any event that leads customers to engage with your brand, there is no better option than a Step & Repeat. With social media showing being such an integral force in all facets of business and life, your audience is looking for a photo op wherever they go. BannerBuzz makes sure to only use long lasting, top grade materials for their displays. Step & Repeats consist of polyester, a wrinkle free fabric that remains picture-ready. This material is also non-reflective, making photos taken clear and glare-free. If you're using these backdrops outdoors, available lamination will provide abrasion and chemical resistance as well as color protection.


A must-have tool for event advertising, custom canopy tents provides shade for you and your audience while also delivering ample space to brand your business. Print your logo and messaging on the canopy top and trim as well as the back wall - even side walls if you design your canopy with this feature. These weather-proof pop-up tents are paired with aluminum frames and telescopic legs, making the product last through a number of important events. Whether you're looking for a camping tent, emergency medical tent, gazebo marquee, or promotional canopy for exhibitions, BannerBuzz offers several blank canopy tents that are fully customizable to meet your needs. Order a number of canopy tent toppers to serve as replacements and include hook-and-loop fasteners that ensure a quick set up. Keep a look out for models with adjustable heights for added convenience.

BannerBuzz Customization

All of the above products and more are fully customizable to create your ideal display. Choose from options in size, shape, and color to fit with your marketing idea. You have freedom in your design choices as well with hundreds of predesigned templates, a design tool to create your own art, hire a team of design professionals ready to create a dream design based on your detailed suggestions for a very nominal fee, or upload your own design file.

BannerBuzz Customer Review and Ratings

BannerBuzz boasts an impressive 38.5k Certified Customer Reviews with a vast majority speaking positiving on their experience with the brand. One customer had this to say:


“I needed a custom flag from our own artwork for a company fundraising event. I first got prices from several local print shops, but the prices were coming in at 4x what I ended up paying for BannerBuzz, even with shipping costs. Site was easy to use and the quality was perfect.”  - John B.

*This review and several more are proudly displayed on BannerBuzz’s website.


BannerBuzz Offers and Sales

A part of BannerBuzz’s mission is to provide their customers with a major return on their investment. That is why BannerBuzz constantly advertises promos and discounts. If your business is planning on doing something major for a holiday or if you’re looking to change your brand up with the season, you can count on BannerBuzz to have you covered.


Contact BannerBuzz

For questions, comments, or concerns. BannerBuzz offers 24x7 Customer Support

Email :

Phone: 800-580-4489

You can also chat with a Customer Service Representative at


Starting from that small car wash to becoming a global force in marketing displays with top grade products and exceptional customer service experiences, BannerBuzz has never been content with the high standards they continue to set. They are always pushing the envelope to get better, more efficient, and more economical. While BannerBuzz has already become a major supplier of printed products in seven countries, they are looking to add more countries into the BannerBuzz world in the very near future.

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