How To Become A Celebrity On Twitter?

How To Become A Celebrity On Twitter?

Do you like getting your thoughts out in the open and sharing them with the world?

Would you like to promote your brand through short messages?

Well, then Twitter is definitely a perfect platform for you. Unsurprisingly, it is becoming more and more popular, because well, let’s be honest, people love reading ideas and insights in 280 or fewer characters. It’s quite a busy platform and provides all the necessary tools and opportunities to become famous. But there are so many tweets and retweets daily that it’s quite difficult to get some attention.


Would you like to gain popularity on Twitter?

Here’s how you do it:

1.    Be creative

Twitter has more than 35 million users, so if you provide the same content as everyone else, you won’t be able to stand out and attract followers. Twitter, just like other social media platforms, provides all the tools to get creative. Of course, a brand promoting their products or services can’t seem unprofessional to the customers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t post jokes once or twice. So, get creative, lose the formal tone sometimes, and be friendly and youthly instead.

2.  Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are how your potential followers discover you. Usually tweets with several hashtags get more engagements than the ones without them and it’s more likely people will come across your account. Only use relevant hashtags. For example, if your tweet is about online fitness, you can’t use #contentmarketing or #fashion because your followers or potential followers will be confused. Fortunately, Twitter provides some excellent analytics tools that you can utilize to learn which of the hashtags are the most and the least attractive to your followers.

3.    Engage with your audience

Don’t be one of those brands that forget Twitter is a social media platform. What do you do on social media networks?

You socialize and engage with other users.

You can’t gain popularity or promote your brand unless you make some real and strong connections with others. One of the ways to do this is to reply to your followers’ comments and answer their questions constantly. This is how you increase your social presence on this platform, the higher it is, the more you are going to end up on your follower’s feed. Remember, reply and retweet! That’s what gets your new followers on Twitter. In addition to this, one of the most effective strategies has proven to be complimenting other brands that are in the same industry. You never know – they might do the same and increase your followers.

4.    Tweet Consistently

Consistency is essential on any social platform to maximize the reach, but it’s even more important on Twitter. Twitter requires being active daily, even several times a day. If you want to promote your brand or become an influencer, either way, your followers will appreciate receiving new content every day. But you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the tweets. It would be best to start with one tweet per day. Once you get the hang of it and become more invested in Twitter, increase the quantity.

Another tip is not to overdo it.

Twitter Celebrities

5.   Who should you follow?

When you are starting on Twitter, you also start thinking about who to follow on this platform. The truth is at the beginning, and until you are popular, you follow other users to be followed. You should obviously follow the users who are in relevant or the same industry as you because it increases the chances of them following you back, or their followers getting interested In you. After some time, you can unfollow the accounts that aren't following you back and search for more popular and relevant ones instead.

6.    Know your audience

One of the first steps while setting up a marketing strategy is defining the target audience and finding out as many characteristics as possible. What some people fail to realize is that a brand’s expectations about the target group aren’t always right, and sometimes unexpected might happen. That’s why you must look at Twitter Analytics and change some of your methods accordingly. For example, if you discover that your followers are more active in the evening, you will start posting at that time rather than in the afternoon.

7.    Connect with Twitter influencers

Building a strong relationship and connection with influencers is the fastest way to gain popularity on any platform, and Twitter is no exception.

Where do you start?

Well, it would be easier to engage with a local influencer at first. So, search for all the influencers in your town, ask them for collaboration. Whether they reply to your tweets or retweet them, their followers will notice and start wondering about you, check out your account, and if they are interested in the content you provide, follow you. Of course, you don’t have to collaborate with only local influencers, you can choose anyone you want; it’s just easier this way.

If some of the influencers refuse your offer, don’t give up because you WILL find someone willing to help you promote your brand. Unfortunately, influencers would rather engage with someone who is clearly on the right path to popularity. It’s one of the reasons why some people buy Twitter retweets or followers. They seem more popular hence chances are they will catch influencers’ eyes more smoothly.

8.    Don’t forget to post visual content

Even if what you share with your followers is remarkably interesting, you won’t be able to keep them engaged with your account unless you provide some visual content, as well. Think about it. You are on Twitter, you want to read some funny tweets and get some information, and you have access to millions of tweets daily.

Which one is going to get your attention and make you stop scrolling? A tweet accompanied by a colorful, visually appealing picture. Also, these kinds of tweets generally get more likes and retweets, so they will help you expand your reach.

These are some of the most useful and effective strategies on how to become popular on Twitter.

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